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Who is that ace looking attack frogman?

It wasn't 1985, the attack swim was done on the 19th July 1988..( Just checked my dive log)
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The red-headed OOW during the RAS break away did well enough to go on to become 801's fighter controller......and a jolly good one he was too.


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I'm sure the MEO's ears got bigger as the film went on.
A cracking set of lugs, if ever there was.

Handy at Portland if you had a main engine failure, you could just ask the MEO to stand on the pointy end and make way by using him as an auxiliary sail.


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Many thanks for that, Scouse. By the 80s and after FI FOST had sharpened up a bit compared to the 60s and one thought that was tough enough. Bit hard for the CO to have his bollocking on national telly! I wonder what happened to him in the ensuing years.


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I VERY well remember my first Thursday War.

I was a baby dabber and about [FONT=&quot]17½ at the time. The passage way was full of smoke and shouty people, when the W/T door banged open and someone fell through clutching a gushing stump of his arm. And screaming.[/FONT] Lots of screaming.

So being a well trained baby dabber I yelled 'SAFEGUARD' thinking that was the correct course of action when somebody has had their arm virtually severed...........

The smoke cleared and most of the shouting stopped. Apart from the voices shouting 'What c*** called Safeguard' or similar, I forget now. Suffice to say, being a very well trained baby dabber I also knew when not to 'fess up!

And if that wasn't bad enough, I later on that day/week threw up whilst wearing my gas mask! Happy days!

But I also got to the Black Dog and the Harbour Club..........

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