Thunderbirds to be Remade

It made me laugh Andy.
I hear, via Oz news (In Melbourne for weekenders, BONUS) it was a 'Specially tailored course'. Hmm, the Instructor/Student ratio of which was??? 1 to 1 probably.
Reminds me of a certain golf loving fat knacker who passed the AACC with Officer times a Recruit would have been back trooped for, no names no pack drill, but his brother couldn't hack it either.
Still Mum/Grandma's the Boss, so better pipe down.
Thunderbirds to be remade???? Only this time with half the budget available. In addition the SoC will be manned to 75%, hulls reduced by 40% and, in attempts to save further cash, the remaining assets will be fitted for but not with anything remotely useful.

Following this no doubt policies of no touching, er I mean, non combatment, if you can't do anything nice - don't do anything at all, and think green - save on fuel by not going anywhere.

Nice one Andy!

Correct me if I am wrong I have brought this up before.

I know father had a water jump surrounded by all the frog squad to save him from a watery grave. With Alzheimer kicking in on occasions I canna remember father actually doing a land drop.

Was it not just one jump Sir Your Highness and earn??? the right to wear the wings.

Not one jump in the morning a quick fill of curry chicken and rice and a puke bag on the Herc in the afternoon to get the jumps in because of the bad weather moving in.

Tv viewing has never been the same since the Flowerpot Men left!!

"Waddle oo tikoo dop? Gloob a waddle a hop"

It was good viewing for the Welsh the native language. :bball:
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