Thunder City to Close!!! Anyone want to buy 3 Buccaneers

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. Cheers Scouse. I must another quid on the lotto see if I can bring one back home.
  2. Ok doing the work, could you do the WRAM? :D
  3. Don't know what a WRAM is. In Scouse and my day we could do a Parrot ( Blue Parrot Radar) change in 30 minutes start to finish, quicker if we wanted an early chop. Strike sight alignment took a little longer, it was originally a grenie job but they eventually sloped it off onto us pinkies (as if we didn't have enought to do :oops:).
    I reckon I could still handle any Radio/radar weapons system job on buccs though even though it's 33 years since I last worked on one. Do't fancy doing a Nav Computer change now though :p
  4. Slim you wouldnt be able to fit into the Radio Bay now!!! never mind lifting out the nice 40 lb in weight Nav Computer :lol: :lol: :lol: Ps Me to for any Radio/Radar systems pps where is that Arc 52.... :wink: Must set it to 220 mhz in the workshop, before taking any bits off!!! I am going out off the other crewroom door that Paddy Chief has just walked in looking for an Rem(air) got to be out piece NC, working with him :roll:
  5. Remember in the old days when a pen and a 700 was all that was required to do you Flex ops, now you have to use a computer as well (WRAM/LITS)!! and not just for porn and internet banking!!! :D
  6. Scouse
    Thisk you may be thinking of Paddy Troden REA2. I liked the guy, he took redundancy in about 1980. Nect time I met him was at RAF Honington, he was back as an RAF Flt LT.
    Seems his wife worked while he went to Uni to get his engineering degree, he got a green rub though as he had to pay back his redundancy money when he joined the RAF.
    Remember a Flt Lt observer Dave Lasky, he was on 800 squadron, little short arse went by the nickname Mini Crab. Nice block, saw him on Ark in 76 wearing the uniform of an RN Lt, seems he saw the light and got retreaded, no Buccs for him now though it was Sea kings.
  7. Paddy Trodean..... my worst nightmare, always out piece. Even had the blue jacket Aerial out :roll: Your call Slim??? up you go :lol: :lol:
  8. Trouble was Scouse in those early days we were young makeylearney REMs, the PO Tiffs were young makeylearney supervisory rates with not much time in the field.
    Musy admit my favourite Tiff was Mike Sargeant (Sarge), Mal Liddle was a bit too keen, Jock O'Donnel was OK too.
    We were all on a learning curve but we seemed to learn more quickly that they did, hence the number of early chops :p
  9. As a Lowly Chockhead reading your posts about "The Mighty Bucc", ive got all Nostalgic. Ive just got my Metal Model off the shelf and got it beside me.
    Its 1:72 Scale Mk2 With "Vic" Flash on, A/C No 234 of 801 Sqn, I push pulled and waved my hands at the girl enough times on the 65 -67 Commission. You remember her too Scouse. I got it from "The Aviation Archive" and produced by Corgi.
    Ive flown her all round my Villa, and ive done "Touching The Water" low levels with her up and down my 8 x 4 pool.
    Happy Memories
  10. 234 History Fred :wink: :wink:
  11. Cheers for info Scouse.
    It,s 10.23 local here, and 30c in the shade already. So im off to do a lowlevel attack and bomb toss on my missus in the pool.
    happy days
  12. There you go Fred... have a Famil :lol: Slim will be along shortly to go through the Strike sight attack and the 3 sec pull out option :wink: :wink:

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