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Hello so last night i somehow dislocated my thumb but my problem is i do not want to go to the hospital and find out the damage as i have my PRNC in march and my start date on the 11th of may.
what is the best thing to do without putting these two dates at risk of being cancelled or set back


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You're basing your decision making at this point on two things you couldn't possibly know, SM_Panda, one is what you have done to your thumb and the second is how whatever you have done will affect the date of your PRNC and intake date.

At the moment, the answer to one of these is within your grasp, because the staff at your local hospital will be able to tell you quickly what you have done to your thumb and what they can do to fix it.

It's much better for you to go to the hospital and know for certain what has happened than to sit on your sofa today with a head full of 'what if's?', because that will lead to nothing.

You really must go and get it checked out.

Something which would upset you would be if not getting it checked out left you with a long term problem which made it difficult to join, so don't let that happen.

Go and get it sorted now.

PS Small tip, at this time of the year, it's easy to hurt yourself when you have had a few drinks, I read some time ago about a candidate who was out having fun and fell off a wall, so take a little bit of extra care until you are safely through the gates of HMS Raleigh.
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Just get it checked out by the pro's. The long term problems may have a bigger impact than your short term concerns.


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You came on here asking for advice.
You have been given excellent advice.
If you disreguard advice given here by those in the know what sort of a Numptie are you?


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From painful experience, a dislocated finger (thumb is just a fat finger!) will be fixed immediately and pain free in next to no time!

Don't be a wuss.
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