*Through the Rum-Hole*

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by bigbaddog, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. "Watcha!....I'm Ray Winstone[​IMG]...and I'm a well'ard bastard, so you lot 'ad better lissen to wot I gotta say...or I'll kick yer bleedin' teef right darn yer fackin' froat...awright??...anway - welcome to "Frew the Fackin' Rum-Hole", the revitalised version of that bleedin' quiz show wot 'ad David Frost an' that bad speakin' bleeder Lloyd Grossman on it innit?? - Wot you bleeders 'ave to do - is guess which famous - or wannabe famous tosser, or tosseress lives in the arze wot me co-presenter, an' all round MUNTER, Jade Goodie is tryin' to describe....
    Get it WRONG, an' I'm goin' in frew the the fackin' patio doors wiv' a sock full of snooker balls to turn the fackin' place over an' leg it wiv' the family silver. It's up to you to stop me...awright.....'ere's fish-lips then...."

    "Oooooohhh....whoever lives in this bleedin' shit 'ole 'as left all the fackin' doors an' windows open!......fackin' burglars'll have a fackin' great time 'ere!....Wot simple-minded, wannabe, gobshite could possibly live 'ere?....it's over to you...."
  2. BBB

    As a Souf Lunnener i fort i was grate til i got to the pic of the drum. Den i fort wots dis all about. Oooss drum is it.

  3. It's actually Jade Goodies new 'arze innit - honest. :snorting:
  4. Ahhhhh the copper drops! FANKS

  5. I'd have thought Battersea Dogs Home would have fitted the personality better.
  6. Oh no, Sussex, they have standards :D

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