Through Fire & Water


Lantern Swinger
I am reading the above, it is a real eye opener to be honest. I cant begin where to start. I have served for 20 years in the RN & i will most probably never endure the experience of those sailors on the ARDNET down the Falklands in 82. Real life stuff!


I have read quite a few books on the Falklands war, none of them compared to this book.

You are in for quite a treat!
If you are interested, try reading Tony McNally's Watching Men Burn. Its an interesting view from the point of one of the Army's Rapier operators during the Conflict of the attacks on the fleet dutring the landings. Quite poignant in places and very moving
Not long after i joined Astute (2006) we had a CPOMEM join the boat and i was telling him about this book as he had joined the mob back in 1980, when i mentioned Ardent he told me that one of his best mates who he joined up with had been on Ardent when she went down south, he said his name was Knocker White. this lad gets a mention a couple of times in the book including a couple of photos as well so i mentioned it to the CPOMEM and when i gave him my copy of the book he got a bit emotional. it felt strange speaking to someone who knew what this lad was like and listening to the stories he had to say from back in the day.

As a read, i thought it was a great book and it's hard to imagine going through all what that brave little ship and her crew endured and its such a shame that she is known as the forgotten frigate of the falklands


War Hero
I went through training with Knocker. He was in the 29s or maybe 30s entry I was backclassed into after doing Mountbatten's funeral (we were called back from leave for that, and I ended up doing four weeks extra ceremonial at Pompey Guildhall)

He was a top lad, full of beans and fun. I remember our exped to the New Forest and, true leader he was, he kept all the young 'uns spirits up. I was really sad to read he was a victim of Ardent's attack. According to many I spoke to in the intervening years, he was a brave feller and died in dignity.


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