Throbbers - Who will beat you?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guestm, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. After yet another evening of having to play second fiddle to a table of middle-aged, balding, guffawing, real ale drinking, historical battle re-enacting virgin shitbags. I call upon the pooled knowledge of the genius collective of RR boffins.

    Never again shall I and my team of Mrs MLP and friends lose the weekly pub quiz to these smug arseholes.

    At 2030 next tuesday, I shall renew this thread with every question we do not know and by wielding the power of Blackberry, you shall bestow me with the correct answers. This is not cheating, this is scoring a point for the normal man. For those who do not religiously watch eggheads, who do not complete every broadsheet cryptic crossword in 4 minutes flat, who do not read Nat-geo cover to cover seven thousand times before wanking to pictures of Magnus Magnussen.

    Together my friends, we shall be victorious.

    Tuesday the 13th of April, 2030; this will by our time my friends, I call on you, be there and together we shall reign supreme.

    The winnings shall go to the RN/ RM benevolent fund.

    Who's with me?
  2. I'm in oppo. I have a mine of useless info belive me!!!
  3. I enjoy a good pub quiz but being on the Rock n Roll means I'm too skint to go to pub, this is perfect.
  4. Count me in, but don't expect much I'm crap.
  5. Hippos have pink milk.

    Wealth of pointless facts and information here.

  6. Anyone posting duff answers will be raped by six fijians. Incidentally, I was usurped regarding a hippo question tonight. No-one believed me when I said Hippo was the biggest Pig. Dissapointing.
  7. By the looks of it so far, you're doomed!
  8. Tuts will now be posting duff answers and lying on her bed in not much at all in anticipation of the Fijians.
  9. One more semi-useful cranium \o/
  10. I'll help you, MLP.
  11. I like to regard myself as a king of pointless knowledge. Also in. Disregard the time at which this is posted.
  12. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    With the power of Bing and Google at hand what could possibly go wrong.

    I mean we are Matelots, we would never lie to an Oppo in need. Ever.

    You may need to Safeguard some of the answers.
  13. Due to being 7 hours ahead of you, I shall be able to see what questions are coming up and brief you ahead of time. Although, of course, that does mean I will be 7 hours ahead of you on the beer drinking front and so may not recall everything 100%.

    I'm pretty sure I've got the hang of this time zone stuff :scratch:
  14. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Reminds me of a Sunday evening, weekly quiz, onboard a while back. All the usual teams, Dabbers, Wardroom, Man Rm, Control Rm, Engine Rm, Sound Rm, SR's, WE's etc.

    Usually the Doc would normally run the quiz, but for some reason we had a part3 schoolie, who would slip aft to the tech office and type up the questions & answers.

    After a couple of weeks it became obvious that the questions came from 1001 university challenge questions quiz book and the wardroom where romping it. Not only did they have the largest team pool with riders making up there team, but they were starting to become cocky and rub a few noses in it.

    Out of the blue, the back afties suddenly started beating the wardrooms score. 20 out of 20, 19 out of 20, they had awoken from hibernation, game on. The binbags went on to win by a couple of points overall, and to the utter amazement of everybody. The wardroom were truly gutted and suspected foul play, but couldn't prove anything.

    I salute those printers that reprint the last job. :salute:
  15. Count me in. I know a lot about fcuk all and fcuk all about a little.
  16. I will be there if i remember and there is no football on the box or i am not in the pub.
    basically i probably wont be there.
    I think.
    at least your gauranteed to get a straight answer yes or no ish.
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm watching your flanks compadre. How dare these geeks think they are mightier than MLP's team of hardened swingers. I will do my best to be logged in from 2030hrs onwards. Failing that, get me the VRN's of said gimps and i could fix them proper innit.
  18. I am confident that due to the winnings being pledged to the benevolent fund, no one would dare giving chad answers. :wink:
  19. MLP I am in I know some real usless info with all this help how you fail. :D
  20. Count me in, I hate those Know it all bastards as well :lol:

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