Three Round Zero At 100 Yards

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Bergen, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. When you absolutely, positively have to kill every last motherf***er in the room.

    Bergs. End of.

    Accept no substitute.

  2. 100 yds ain't that far and depends what your using and how you used it i.e. prone, standing etc.

    Now if it was 1000 yds with a 9mm browning, that would be impressive.
  3. Cut him some slack, he had a beer in one hand. It is Friday after all..... You go to the alehouse for a jar and a game of 'arras, Bergs goes to the range...
  4. It's a first time zero on a new rifle, but I am pretty pleased with it. I will have it out to 1100 yards in a couple of months time and post some photos of long-range groups then.


    RM :thumbup:
  5. Oooooooh, new toys! What make and calibre mate?
  6. Dont tease. Like C-word said, details..... pics if you like.

  7. Get your weapon out Bergs, we want gun porn.
  8. It's Sig Blaser Tactical 2.

    It's in .300 WinMag but I also have another barrel and bolt assembly for it in .338 Lapua.

    (I should also have a genuine Dragunov to put in the gun safe in a few days time.)

    I remember now why I left UK ;-P
  9. Sexy. What optics?
  10. Blaser%20Tactical%202.jpg

  11. Nice- if you're reloading don't be tempted to just bump the neck; go for a full resize or the headspace gets the gay with Blaser. Have fun with the Dragunox. If you fancy a translated user's manual for it I may know where one is.

  12. Schmidt Bender 5-25 x 56.

    Mutt's Nuts.

    EDITED FOR: Brain Fart

    Schmidt Bender PMII 12-50 x 56

    Dog's Bollox
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2011
  13. Mmmmmmm gun porn. That is fockin toight. Loike a Toiger. .338 Lapua, that'll put a hole in yer.
  14. Er, Bergs, thats a $3200 scope.....
    Whats the rifle and extras run? (cant price gun porn at work)
  15. Jesus.

    You are my hero.
  16. Mine too....but I'm serious....we need more pictures.....sadly you need a gun licence here just for a feckin air rifle and can't have one until you become a citizen.....don't trust us filthy foreigners and who can blame them.
  17. Bloody right envious am I mate! I used to love my weekly range shoots,rifle,pistol especially the old Black Powder wish I could find the grave of the twat who killed the kids I'd curl one on it on a regular basis.
    He stopped genuine sportsmen from their competitive hobby.
    If I was younger I would think of moving abroad where things are easier,thought of Eire but they are as bad as us.
    Keep us up to date if we can't shoot at least we can read about it and dream!
  18. Anyone seen the filum 'Smokin Aces' ?, WTF was that rifle sported by the female sniper......special ammo ?.

  19. It was an M82-A1

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