Three remembered FAA Pilots?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by CrashCrew, Nov 29, 2013.

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  1. I have been tasked by an old Matelot to find out why the names of three FAA Pilot's are remembered in prayer books at a church in Merry Meet, Cornwall.
    Their names are, Lt.Cdr Chris Jenny, Lt.Cdr Tim Ellis and Lt. Julian Barraclough. A date in the book suggests that they were put in 1983.
    I have tried my usual channels, to no avail and the church doesn't have a web site.
    So, have any of you, my brother Wu's, have any idea how they died or the significance to this particular act?
  2. Hi CrashCrew.

    Although the date recorded in the prayer book states 1983, could the date actually read 1989? If so re Lt. Julian Barraclough, is this your man? : Royal Navy casualties, killed and died, 1980-89 Scroll down to May 1989.

    Monday,8 May 1989

    RNAS Culdrose, flying Scottish Aviation Jetstream during Sea Cadet Corps Open Day air display, stalled during wing-over manouevre, crashed into Portland Harbour, Dorset
    BARRACLOUGH, Julian D, Lieutenant (P), C024269A,
    WILSON, William J, Lieutenant (O), C0293318N,

    Serving with US Navy
    ELLIS, John T, Lieutenant Commander, C021956E, died.
    Additional info found on this page: F_18_Hornet

    Date 8-5-1989.
    Two USN F-18A Hornets collided during air combat
    manouevres. The two aircraft crashed some 40 miles apart, one near the town of Independence,
    the other near Olancha, just north of China Lake Naval Weapons Centre RN exchange pilot Lt. Cdr. John Timothy Ellis
    was did not eject and was killed.

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  3. Yep.08/05/1989 XX489 CU-575 Jetstream T2 750 NAS Crashed into Portland Harbour, Dorset after stalling during a wing over manoeuvre during an air display at Portland, Dorset. Both crew were killed. The pilot had omitted to re-advance the pitch control levers

  4. Thanks for the additional info Scouse.

    Sad, so very sad. :-(

    Last edited: Nov 29, 2013
  5. Lyn, Scouse, cheers guys. Sounds like them.( nice to see you back Lyn) I suspect they lived in that parish at the time of death.
  6. Sadly I remember watching the Wet Dream splash in at Portland. Not a good air day!
  7. CrashCrew,

    Julian D Barraclough was born in 1957 in Leeds, therefore I think you're quite correct in thinking that they lived in that parish at the time of death. The local Newspaper might well have listed their obituaries.

    Happy to be of help. =)


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