Three Letter Abreviations

Dont you just love em?

RTC = Road Traffic Collision

GSW = Gun Shot Wound

HAC = Heart Attack Centre

Must be millions of them,anymore spring to mind?

Sorry its 4am and I'm very bored. :thumright:


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TLAs can be confusing, e.g. IBM have Air Movement Devices, supposedly because File Area Networks was already in use. :dwarf:


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Joint_Force_Harrier said:
Try not to use TLA's!!!!!
Agree, for real style use ETLAs instead :)

You can say so much more with 4 or more letters than can be said with 3, for example: BUFFS, BTSOOM, PPPPPPP. FUBAR, SNAFU, BOHICA, FUBIJAR
RAF ( Rough as fcuk)
WFL ( Wee Fat Lump)
CPT (That's the Other Half's comment. Cheap Polish Tat....wandering round a Krakow market.I thought the jewellery very nice actually)
MILF(male version) SM ( female version) probably both well-known.
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