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Three die in Indian Navy ship fire


Lantern Swinger

From the BBC website, filed on 23rd Feb.

Three die in India navy ship fire

Three people have been killed and 20 others injured after an Indian navy ship caught fire off the east coast, police in Andhra Pradesh state say.
Six of the injured have been airlifted to a hospital in Vishakapatnam, city police chief VJS Kamoudi said.

The accident occurred late on Wednesday, when the ship was dumping redundant missiles in the sea, a navy spokesman told the Associated Press.

Six of the injured are in a critical condition, Mr Kamoudi said.

The ship, INS Magar, has not been damaged by the fire and has already returned to its naval base in Vishakapatnam, nearly 530km (335 miles) east of the Andhra Pradesh state capital, Hyderabad, navy spokesman BK Garg told AP.

The dumping of obsolete missiles and explosives was a routine affair, Mr Garg said. The navy is investigating the cause of the fire, he added.
Let's hope that the dead didn't suffer and that the injured make a full recovery. They are fellow matelots.

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