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Just an observation about the earlier thread titled RNR Officer Human Intelligence .....

RM - Not wishing to step on toes but I do think a warning was more than adequate and it was a bit unnecessary to Lock the Thread.

What did the bloke tell us?

He's a Copper in the North West who speaks French and Spanish - there are lots of coppers in the North west and I bet quite a few of them probably speak French and Spanish and the fact that his nearest unit is Liverpool still doesn't actually blow his cover.

I don't disagree with your natural (and sensible) concern that he should not give too much away in open forum but to Lock the Thread - come on!
I think the problem was with the sensitivity of the subject, not the poster's PERSEC. Agree it is not a topic for discussion in an open forum. Too much risk of someone posting something in an effort to be helpful that could lead to an 'embarrassment'.


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Personally, I think the Mods take the N2 OPSEC a little too seriously on this board. We've had a potential recruit turn up and ask for information and instead of biting his arm off because he has skills that are needed, we just turn this into a "oooooh mystery men, we can't talk about them thread".

Bottom line, join the RNR, pass AIB and pass Fleetboard and be accepted into the Int branch. From there, opportunities will arise to enter training for HUMINT, although this is seriously hard work and not for the faint hearted.
See, no OPSEC compromised, and everyone is happy.

Whatever next, you'll be telling us we can't say that 15 RNR personnel were deployed to Iraq to operate the C-RAM system...



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Long time ago, however the mods here act as if the presence of the RNR gunners in Iraq is TOP SECRET, despite it being openly publicised.


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Naval_Gazer said:
I think the problem was with the sensitivity of the subject, not the poster's PERSEC. Agree it is not a topic for discussion in an open forum. Too much risk of someone posting something in an effort to be helpful that could lead to an 'embarrassment'.
Fair point NG - but I still hold that locking the thread was overkill.

Now - going round the bloke's house with a couple of hefty Matelots with no necks and suggesting he has committed a minor faux pas and if his post leads to any unneccessarily helpful, illuminating and embarrassing additional information coming out into the open he will be sent to the Tower for a zillion years - no problem!


Thanks for raising this separate thread about my original thread being locked. Obviously, I am aware of operational sensitivities in respect of Human Intelligence and wasn't after song and verse such as "On 22nd June 2009, you will be deployed to a yellow building just outside of Basra.........". I was basically just after some information in respect of the role - would I do that "full-time" or do they just call you up when need be?


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You'd be in a pool of people and the general expectation RNR wide is that with training, you'd be required to do a tour, possibly 2 during your time in the RNR. Obviously the location of this varies, but realistically it would take 4-5 years from joining to being in a point as an N2 generalist when you could be used, and then specialist tours at an appropriate point.
It was for exactly the reasons Naval Gazer stated above that I locked the thread. People on here are helpful and I'd rather be overcautious in the public forums and allow it to be dealt with in PM, than the assistance creeping into areas which are a little more sensistive.

Overkill? Maybe. Reasonable? Perhaps.



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I think you underestimate our intelligence. By nature people in the "2" world are fairly cautious. People here do know the difference between helpful info and OPSEC, and nothing here is not open source material.


Thanks all for your support!

Let's start a campaign to reopen my original thread :)

All I wanted to know is whether that unit is what I want to get out of the RNR as don't want to waste both my time and the Services' time.
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