Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Backpacker1uk, May 28, 2006.

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  1. According to the BBC over one thousand servicemen/women are AWOL since the Iraqi conflict.

    That sure is a lorra peoples walking about and a nice bit of propaganda for the raghead war machine.

    We now have AWOL types asylum seeker murderers and naughty people types absconding from open prisons. I think we need more police types and real quick!
  2. It actually said deserters,not quite the same as AWOL,wont help recruiting tho.
  3. Deserters belong in the desert surely??
  4. I wonder whether any one has the figures for the period preceding the present action. Just presenting it as if people didn't desert beofre the conflict and are doing so now is distorting the case.

    People go on the 'trot' for all sorts of reasons, although I would suspect the number has risen recently, but it is probably not quite as bad as the BBC is suggesting.

  5. I agree with Peter, you can't really put it in context unless you have figures from before the conflict. Is it 1000 really a massively shocking figure? This is a period of several years and there are a lot of pongos, think the media have just got this figure and jumped all over it.
  6. Exactly - a deliberate bit of mis-reporting there, although the MoD spokeman did try and correct them.

    Article here
  7. My previous post was written based on what I saw on the news headlines, after reading the article (cheers parttimer) I'm a bit annoyed with the BBC. I'm only just starting my career and to be honest i thought by deserting they meant AWOL. I wonder how many civies know the difference? The AWOL figures are fairly constant, find that a bit misleading. They gave the impression that hundreds of sqaddies were just running off and this didn't happen before the Iraq war.
  8. The difference between AWOL and Run is a technical one, after 30 days some one who is AWOL is marked as Run and will be charged with desertion. (at least that was the way it was done in my day). Now people don't come back for many reasons, it can be wife/girlfreind trouble, being bullied, etc etc. Some who get charged with being AWOL never meant to come back and some who get charged with desertion did mean to come back when the had sorted the problems out.

    It used to be the case that a big ship like a carrier could be a hundred or so short on sailing from a vist in the US or Australia with about 50% turning up reasonably soon and most of the rest over the next few years.

  9. I agree; the definition of AWOL is quite broad. It can and does include persons who are only missing for a period of a few days and lets be honest - the proportion of this number which can be directly attributed to the Iraq conflict is probably quite small.
  10. AWOL or desertion thing is you are not there and are very naughty. And true once again sensational journalism steps forth.
  11. Mess deck rumour back in the 60/70's held that however long you were away/on the trot/legging it, if you kept your ID card and produced same to the first Pusser person you came into contact with then the charge could only be AWOL not Desertion.

    Perhaps some Joss or Reg could clear up this Urban Myth or truthful fact.

  12. During peacetime it's actually quite hard to prove desertion, which is why most get charged with AWOL (even if 'absent' for many years), as they can claim they planned to return the following day but if they had not been arrested. About the only way you can absolutely prove it is by writing a letter to that affect and leaving your ID card on you bunk.

    If you're under orders to deploy operationally and you do a bunk then you're many times more likely to be done for desertion.
  13. With the other ******* ragheads.
  14. I went awol in'69. Had a great time in Bristol for six months. Did 28 in Deeks - my best posting.
  15. 28 days for 6 months off????
    Sounds like a great deal to me....
  16. Nutty
    I was attached to Recess in Vicky barracks in 72 and that was the case there.
    We actually had a couple of returnee's from just after the Korean war, who had kept thier ID cards and were weighed off as AWOL. Kitmuster then discharged.

    The other thing I remember, in the office underneath the Patrol Headquarters, they had a big board with all of the "runners" on it. The first one on it, ran the day after the amnesty, about 1952. So desertions, AWOl's have always been with us.
    Anyway, who believes Blairs Broadcasting Corporation any more? :wink:
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A question for the Crushers among you.

    I know someone that didn't turn up for his National Service (thats exactly how he describes it), no one has ever bothered looking for him or chasing it up, He would have been right on the tail end so I suspect that the powers that be were only to pleased not to have him.

    The question, is he still liable to any penalty, for not turning up on the appointed day and not doing his National Service.
  18. Janner, there were a couple of NS men amongst them too, they each shared a common experience, when they had applied for something from HMG, pension, credits, the old National Assistance or had a spot of bother with the Old Bill, they got caught!
    So unless there has been another amnesty,I would think he is still at risk of being lifted........anytime.
    Does anyone know if there has been an amnesty for NS runners?
  19. Once got asked to attend a wedding in uniform - non-service so declined, which turned out to be just as well, as the bride's sister's boyfriend was on the run (i.e not intending to go back) from one of the 42's...

  20. Excellent establishment to get you into shape for the football season! When you were a guest was the 'Screaming Skull' the CPO (GI) orrible little twat?

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