Thoughts on BTEC or A levels please

My son will be leaving school in Jun '18, wants to join Navy after college and is thinking about the BTEC in Public Services (Uniformed) at a good local college.

There seems to be really mixed reviews/opinions on this course versus A levels.

Would any of you please offer an opinion from a Navy perspective?

A lot of it depends on personal preference really... it depends what sort of role he’s going for and which course he’d rather do.

A levels are a good back-up plan but uniformed services will probably make it easier with the fitness side of the navy’s application if the course is anything like the one at my local college. However if he is looking for a more specific role such as the advanced apprenticeship schemes he’d need a certain amount of credits in that area/trade.

He's bright enough to do either but I think he thinks the BTEC is the easier course as there are no exams.

With regards to what he wants to do in the RN he hasn't really got that far yet, he's spoken about Warfare Officer but I don't think it suits his personality profile and skills, but it's only my interpretation from looking at website.

He's a people person, intelligent and can debate his points like a politician! Not mechanical or engineering biased in any way.
The best bit of advice I can give is to double check the courses give the appropriate amount of credits, when I applied it was 180 for the officer roles for most of the jobs, I think that’s equivalent to 72 now but the website should say.

Best of luck.

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