Thoughts about this action by Greenpeace?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by WindyMiller, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. I see today that one of Greenpeaces' boats has breached a barrier into Faslane.

    bbc website
  2. Democratic country, they're allowed to express their opinions. In terms of breaching an exclusion zone then they're aware of the risks that they face.

    I don't think a stronger ROE would be all that useful.
  3. In this country we have a tradition of allowing peaceful protest.
    This aint peaceful Nuke the bstds
  4. I hope they were thinking of their 'carbon footprint' and were in a rowing dingy. That way we could save tax payers money for ammo and pop it?
  5. Ahhh good for them! in fact good for all concerned. The greenpeacers aren't into terrorism, they usually make their statement in a different way.

    I cannot think of a better bunch of people to have test the base defences. Hopefully lessons will be learned. :wink:
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I like the comment "We are blockading the port" How long do they think it would take to move them?
  7. MoD/ Security response seems a bit on the slow side, and why they allowed the "Arctic Sunrise" to wander so close suggests incompetence.
    We watched Greenpeace's protest boat sail up and down the Clyde on Wednesday. Its presence was not a surprise on Friday. Perhaps we are, again, seeing a softly softly, hands off approach much favoured by this present bunch of political apologists.
  8. 1 small ship is hardly a blockade.................

    they are lucky that we don't behave like the French.............

    Tick Tick Tick .............

  9. Security knew where they were,knew what they were up to;think of the headlines"Navy sinks/arrests/removes Greenpeace protesters",much more damaging than a minor inconvenience.Look how much publicity Greenpeace got out of the French sinking their ship and how little they have got out of this affair.
  11. Mophead

    Lets us not forget what the French did in New Zealand was no more and no less than MURDER. If that camera man had been a RN Sailor you would still be screaming abuse from the roof tops all these years later. Then the bottle-less Kiwi ******* let the murderers go

    Greenpeace make strong and effective protests, one of the reason's I like living in a Civilized Liberal Western Democracy and not the Middle East.

    Can you tell me the last time Green Peace killed anyone whilst engaged in a demonstration.

    Who are the c**ts them that let them get close to the base or them that exercises their right protest. Both yourself and the majority of posters are having a go at the wrong organization. MOD are the problem not a little boat full people who still think they can save the world, they are your conscious.

  12. Nutty,I think you may have mis read my post: my argument was that by taking only minimal appropriate action MOD did the right thing(for once).No one disputes their right to peaceful protest within the law.break the law you get arrested...probably a night in cells and out on bail;not blown up,as some posters would wish(If their posts are to be taken literally)
  13. Just hang on fellahs! Seems they were allowed a peaceful protest! Twas only when they breached national security boundries that they were arrested - rightly so in my mind - well done Plod, nice job, again!

    Other 'peaceful protests' by Greenpeace - depends on your views I guess! Does preventing Merchant Seamen go about their lawful business and putting their lives at risk (the seamens as well as their own) in their rubber boats by crashing into them at speed - you know the OOW on the bridge is going to try to prevent these so called accidents by swinging the ships - this puts HIS people at risk!

    What about fishermen trying to catch fish so he can feed his family (no matter how big the 'fish'), some numptie in a rubber boat dives into his vessel! as I said depends how you look at it! To me Greenpeace are nothing but a bunch of Gungho Chancers! always thought the Royal Navy was all about safe seafaring - looks like I'm wrong!
  14. If they wish to put their own lives at risk that is the same choice as any person taking part in high risk activites, sports or employment takes.

    As for the risk to others that only happens when the organisation being protested about take, usually dangerous action to try and prevent the protest. In 99.9% of cases they have a choice as to if they take that action.

    So if I protest out side a fuel depot about the high tax on fuel and block the road stopping drivers earning a living, causing disruption to locals thats OK. As you said its a point of view as to what protest you like so lets not get "all holier than thou"

  15. Behind greenpeace all the way when the subject is the hunting of whales.

    This inoffensive creature is a joy to behold. Unlike the scumbags who harpoon it, usually herding the young calf so the adults will return to save the calf then bingo we have two more for the pot. Remember watching a whale being sliced open the eyeball moving in the socket poor thing still alive. Same as the others tied to the side of the whaler waiting to be moved to the factory ship blowing of blood also still alive.

    Whaling along with pathetic bullfighting for me has no place in the world.

    We have headlines screaming horse stabbed in field. Pop over to Spain and you actually pay to watch a cow speared in a spectacle from the days of dog fighting.

    When it comes to the attempted breaching of Faslane I disagree they should stay out of armed forces areas. Leave that to the Blair govt they are achieving things Hitler could not.
  16. I don't mind greenpeace so much as I used to hate CND, they were an offensive bunch of twots, gobbing at us etc. But then those were the days when the OOD would turn a blind eye when you skelped a couple of them.
    As far as breaching mod turf, that's different, in this day and age we cannot afford to let these ships anywhere near our boys, how are we to know it isn't al queerda with a rainbow boat full of explosives? We need to wake up, too much pc let them protest calls when it could be a trojan horse.
    We are at war, and still security is lacking. Not good.
  17. would seem we all sit in a field and whinge then! After all they got rights ain't they? SO HAVE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO STOP THEM AND GET ON WITH LIFE!

    - what happens to 'your duty of care then'? the overriding principal on which we in this country live - in that we all have a duty of care towards our fellow man, no matter who or what they are? That's the bit that is supposed to make us civilised - don't matter then if you happen to like squirrels or foxes?

    As for the state of the security system - very few westeners seem to understand this all out war against the infidels - which the opposition is running to! time we did we've had enough warning!

    do the above seem to contadict each other? cause they do, doesn't everything?
  18. According to the BBC Website, Greenpeace breached the "no go" zone at c.0800 and the MOD plod "overcame" the boat and took charge at c.1720.
    That seems to me to be an exceptionally slow response.
    The fact that the boat is a former icebreaker is probably the reason she was not stopped from gaining access..... short of blowing it out of the water (and that's not cricket) we have nothing which could stop it.
  20. I believe that any person or organisation has the right to peaceful protest. This is providing it is carried out peacefully, safely and within the laws of the country.
    In this case the Captain of the vessel should have been arrested for allowing his ship to enter a restricted area and not obeying a legal order to remove his vessel from that area. I don't know what the penalties for these offences are but is it possible that his ships masters certificate could be revoked?
    If so after the revoking of several masters certificates perhaps Greenpeace would have to comply with mounting legal protests.

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