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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Caretaker, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. We know exactly where any untaxed car is located among the millions of cars in Britain......

    But we haven't got a clue as to where thousands of illegal immigrants and Terrorists are located.

    Maybe we should put the DVLA in charge of Immigration.......
  2. If they do know the location of all these untaxed motors then why aren't they doing something about them?
    Lying Bstds
    Maybe its cos the illegal immigrants are driving them
  3. Closer to the truth than you believe. There is a huge problem with illegals in this country driving un-registered cars with no MOT or Tax. In addition migrant workers on building sites, etc don't bother because no one can chase them up for it.

    Bout time they started to tow and crush on a large scale ... the cars, not the immigrants. They can just go home after the customary 17 years on benefits with house, etc.

  4. Well past car crushing time. However some police forces are now starting to enforce the law more rigidly and more cars are being crushed.
    I believe that any illegal immigrant proved to be breaking our laws should be deported to country of origin immediately( and he should be forced to take one of our chavs with him/her).
  5. Unfortunately, I believe that many forces are unwilling to seize/crush vehicles on a large scale due to budget considerations.
  6. A suggestion would be that the insurance companies pick up the tab for the destruction of these vehicles. These insurance companies (and all insured drivers) are already picking up the tab for damage caused by uninsured drivers. I would have no objection to the portion of my insurance which presently is used to make these payouts being used for destroying untaxed/uninsured vehicles.
  7. Why not?? :twisted: :twisted: It might make the others think twice!

  8. Why not crush the cars and the immigrants as well, in fact crush the cars with the immigrants at the same time to save effort !!
  9. Cambs police had a crack down on drink driving a few months ago.90%+ stopped were either Portugese or Lithunanians,all well over the limit and all driving illegal the lynn news every week the Court Circular is full of them,all driving with no insurance etc,etc.should fine them,crush the vehicle than deport them!
  10. We probably need a law which allows us to automatically confiscate a car in these circumstances with no redress.

    Harsh - yes, but bloody effective.

  11. The law is already in place and is being used very effectively by some police forces.

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