Thought Id hide from the missus this weekend

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by angry_mac, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. At last kit that actually works!!!! When can we get some?!
  2. Who` is the old boot sat at the end?
  3. Good phot mate sut slightly worried about the reasons why you would want to dress up in that particular uniform ...

  4. Yes and it is very often that you have to camoflauge yourself to blend in with household furniture when out in the field isn't it. o_O
  5. He`s a lounge Lizard.
  6. Dead meat if she catches you with the boots on no problemo!!
  7. Bit sad having the matching combat sofa though.

  8. Looks like the US combats work perfectly in their natural operating environment (their sofas). They do stand out a bit in dustier climes though!
  9. Your farked if she changes the sofa!

    Good call though!
  10. Fantastic, now if you had little tinnie camo kits (for your tinnie, obviously) it would be perfect.

    Can you get them in dodgy fuzzy blue, with beer and heavy stains that match the mess square cushions? :thumright:

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