Those Mc Canns!!!!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by GSSR_Vvd, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Here i was just sitting at my computer listening to the radio when i heard about this story

    Now it is about....yes you guessed it the Mc Canns, i have no problem with publicity for missing children but what i think is wron is the fact that they get so much attention whan the are so many other children missing.

    You don't expect to donate to a good cause for it to be used for personal gain!!!!!!!! :rambo:
  2. As they are financially upper-middle class, it's not really surprising. It is just a pity that poorer people don't get such valuable financial assistance from donations.
  3. I did not donate any money to the fund. However I wonder how those that did feel about the official spokeswoman, Justine McGuinness, who is reported to have been paid £51,000 in salary and expenses. She has now resigned so not a bad little earner fora few months work.
  4. To be brutally honest, I am sick and tired of reading/hearing about this family now. My heart goes out to them with regard to their missing daughter, but there are literally thousands of children missing and what makes the McCanns so bloody special.

    I would not wish the loss of a child on anyone, but enough is enough please.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    McGuinness was the Libdem candidate for West Dorset in the last election, thankfully she didn't get in.
    I suspect that she quit the McCanns job when she thought that there was a general election looming before Broon lost his bottle
  6. I have a suspicion that they are going through the whole "denial" thing and suppressing their grief through frantic activity. We see evidence of this behaviour all over the place now. A more profound expression of anguish and grief than, but similar too, a bunch of flowers left at a slot site. That said, poor buggers; I wish them peace.
  7. Terry McCann was my favourite, he didn't take any shit off anyone, he just knocked them out.
  8. I really don't see the problem here. The funds were raised / donated to enable them to find their daughter. To do this they need time and space to manoeuvre in; having to go back to work to earn a living will impede this so it is entirely right they should be able to use the funds to cover the costs of advertising, movements, accommodation and other living expenses whilst they continue to search for the kid. Mortgages and other living expenses still need to be paid and if they are not in a position to earn then it is entirely appropriate they should be able to utilise the fund to do this. This has never been a secret and other fighting funds have been used in a similar manner over the years.

    What would be wrong of course would be if they used it for holidays, spending sprees, flash cars, gifts to others, etc but this is not the case.

    They have been through a hell of a lot and continue to bear it. That they have maintained dignity and, IMHO, honesty and integrity throughout only serves to validate their use of funds to cover their mortgage. FFS what were you all expecting? For them to have their house repossessed and end up living on the streets? Get a grip!!


  9. Yeah well, they could maybe consider downsizing from a four bedroom to a three! :blob6:

    R.I.P Madeleine, your fate will become known someday!

    Shame on your "loving" parents.
  10. The parents were exceptionally naive, at best and exceptionally reckless at worst, had they come from a lower class background I do wonder if their other children would have been taken into care.

    Leaving your young children, not just out of eyeshot, but out of earshot too, whilst drinking is awful parenting. How much would a Nanny cost?
  11. They were incredibly naive, reckless and a whole lot more and by God they are paying a hell of a price for their failings. It doesn't diminish the fact that we should support them in every way - if only to help get the child back. We can always worry about the legality and stupidity of their joint actions later on down the line.


  12. I have to agree with this post in it's entirety.
  13. Greatest sympathy to anyone in this position, to use the media (free) to highlight the plight was an act of genius, the more people knew, the more likely they were to get a quick result, but when I heard of the "fighting fund" raising money for them I thought "Thieving Scouse B**tards".
    My wife and daughter were doing the run for life, supporting a cancer charity and these people were there with buckets asking for donations for Maddie. Who the fcuk do they think they are? they are not the only people in the world in trouble and as far as I could see the people collecting could have been any body who was just going to pocket the cash as soon as they got out of there.
    Take some advice, concentrate on looking after the poor kids you have left.
  14. So basically you're asking them to just give up on Maddie? Would you take that advice if one of your kids went missing?

  15. Unfortunately, there comes a time like the hundreds of missing children that have gone before and since, that you have to accept it and grieve

    The child is gone (due to bad parenting) is either dead, or living a life of luxury with a well off finacially, but not morally couple, or worst of all a peado toy, Nothing will bring her back, not all the money in the world

    They must accept that, grieve and get on with life with their other children
    it just HAS to Happen some time, and the sooner the better for their own state of mind

    Within my own inlaws, ones father went for a haircut on a saturday afternoon,(1963) and has never been seen since

    Another left her child in playgroup and went jogging in the morning 2003
    and was murdered on a tow path in Glasgow
    You just have to pick up the pieces and get on with life, or you will drive yourself insane

    Using collected cash to make mortgage payments is totally out of order
    Why not just pay the lot off from the fund, it would be cheaper than 80% interest and 20% off the mortgage

    They cocked up big style and now must live with it, How many thousands of military families would love to find the body of their loved one, a lot of soldiers families, a lot of raf families and thousands of sailors families

    Again personal experience, my wifes father was harbour master in Hong Kong, lost in a typhoon , no body, and convinced, washed ashore with memory loss and one day will walk in the door, the home is exactly as he walked out of it, and his widow will not grieve
    They are living a lie, and constant mental torment, they need to accept it and move on for the sake of their remaining children, and not steal from the pot

    Jack McHammocklashing
  17. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think it's quite difficult for any of us to understand how they are feeling, they are in quite a unique position. The argument over the circumstances which led to the little girls abduction are interesting, not sure whether I agree its a class issue (and thats another thread) - they chose that complex because that sort of thing was widely accepted, allowing parents space away from the beasties to relax - all parents know what that is like, the holy grail.

    They've then got to face the spectre of her abduction, coupled with a huge amount of guilt and public attention all the time trying to keep a facade of normality for the sake of their other two children. What an utter nightmare, no matter how strong they are I am very impressed they both haven't crumbled under the pressure.

    As for the funds - I think it should be up to them, mortgage paymnents, publicity all seem fair game to me.
  18. Agree with everything said here.

    Personally, if it were my daughter I'd move heaven and hell to find her, alive or dead. I'm somewhat taken aback by some of the callus comments on here. It doesn't matter where they left her and her siblings alone that night (and I don't intend to argue the point here). What matters is that she is missing, apparently taken by a third party. THAT person is the culprit, THAT person is the evil doer, and it would serve everyone if we didn't lose sight of that fact. It doesn't matter what segment of society the McCanns come from, it doesn't matter what they do for a living. Anyone in their position would do what they can with what they can to the best of their ability, handling the grief/fear individually. And no parent would forget the search, forget the girl. They might get back to work, get on with their lives - after all, they still need to feed themselves and their family - but they will not forget and move on.
  19. I did a little checking 1 month ater poor Maddi disapeared, 20 other brirish children between 0 and 16 went missing during that time and not one single mention in the media, it was just McCann McCann McCann.
    I know what your saying SF but the medias reaction should be reviewed to show a balance not a monopoly.
  20. Call me cynical ( result of 30y in Polis) but is it not coincidental that after 6 months , Gerry McCann returns to work. Public sector jobs allow 6 month sick leave on full pay then 6 months on 1/2 pay.Surely being a doctor he would have got a sick line for the first 6 months and not been on unpaid leave as suggested ?

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