ThisIsKent: "Navy To Sweep Sheppey Coast After 26 Active Bombs Found In 8 Days"

Navy News 12 Oct 2011 said:
NAVY divers blew up more than 80 bombs from the two world wars during a four-day operation to clear a beach on the Isle of Sheppey. Local Coastguards say it’s the biggest haul of unexploded ordnance found on the Kentish island in living memory.

After being called to three jobs in quick succession on the Sheppey shoreline – resulting in two dozen old bombs and explosive devices being rendered safe – naval divers decided a concerted search of the beach and mud near the village of Leysdown-on-Sea might prove useful. Four divers from Portsmouth-based Southern Diving Unit 2 – CPO Ian Fleming, LD ‘Cags’ Lacey and AB(D)s ‘Billy’ Piper and ‘Sid’ Lawrence – spent four days working their way through the mud off the east coast of the island. Donning waders and carrying 35kg of kit on their backs, the quartet spent up to five hours at a time in mud up to their shins and knees around half a kilometre offshore...

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