This year's Big Brother


War Hero
Yeah yeah I know everyone hates it but we all watch it occasionally but have you seen it this year? That Shazaam bloke, a self proclaimed 'Paki puffter', is winding everyone up so much it's very funny to watch. He's as camp as a row of pink tents full of bummers. And now he's threatening to kill himself live on air! Great! I hope he does.

Can anyone think of a good reason to tolerate living in a confined space for an extended period of time with such a camp OTT practicing homosexualist? (Stand fast the Steward's mess. :wink: )


Lantern Swinger
I have to say that re Shabaaz, (My wife watches it, I hate it....honest!), he's either very stupid or very clever. My wife said last night that it's a good job he has immunity from the first eviction cos he'd be gone otherwise. I disagree though, think about it! Would you want rid of him and all the entertainment he brings? I would keep him in just to see what he comes out with next. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what he's counting on.


War Hero
Squirrel - if you hate it so much then how come you know so much about it? Me thinks you dost protest too much.

Personally I thought it was cr*p first time round, and it has continued to degrade each time they push it out, regardless of how much effort they put into repackaging it.

The problem is that there is so much of ths kind of Stupid-TV about that it is getting increasingly difficult to watch anything else.


Lantern Swinger
I tell you - if I was in there I think murder may have been committed by this point. There is NO way i could live with Shabaz or whatever his name is.


War Hero
Squirrel - don't beat yourself up over it; happens to the best of us. Usually something a little more worthwhile though ...

capt-ahab - Shabaz is a blokes name?


Lantern Swinger
capt-ahab said:
capt-ahab - Shabaz is a blokes name?
Apparently so, however he is one very suspect man...
Suspect? SUSPECT?! He is a recruiter's dream! Ethnic, alternative sexuality, scottish - the only thing against him is that he has both legs!
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