This wont go down well with the US......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Scouse_Castaway, May 31, 2010.

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    The Israeli's moving into the world of high seas piracy? ;)

    But on a serious note, isnt this rather a bold move, even for an extremely aggressive nation like Israel?

    Now, even though the US is happy to turn a blind eye to the worst of Israels actions usually, surely this is a step too far for the Obama Govt to ignore
  2. Nah it's not, obi 1 kenobi says Israel must learn what happened.

    He made as much fuss as the Chinese did about North Korea.

  3. Oy Voy My Boy

    Nutty Yahoo was in Canada en-route to Washington when his Red Sea Pedestrians kicked-off.

    Obama cancelled the visit told him to FRO and he is now on his way back to Israel [occupied Palestine].


    Israel has attacked a NATO member illegally in International Waters.

    Israel has killed NATO civilians in International Waters.

    Basically the Israelis are fcuked.

    Even the little baldie-headed Tory Foreign-Secretary [Villiam Vague] is in a tight spot. The Tories took huge amounts of Jewish money to fund their General Erection campaign and promised to change British Law to accommodate these lunatics as a Quid Pro Quo.

    Basically the Tories are fcuked.

    Happy Trails :thumbright:

  4. I'll reserve judgement till the truth comes out, I'd be very interested to know who was carrying what on that ship and what the exact cargo of that ship was, as I have serious doubts all of it was aid. I may be wrong but I have a feeling there is more to this than the media are reporting.

    I will say I have major issues with the holier than thou Palestinian media image, especially Hamas and their repeated attempts to murder israeli civilians (bus bombings, attempts to bomb hospitals and schools etc)...such lovely people that Hamas are eh?

    However Netanyahu seems to be talented in inflaming the situation.

    The whole picture will likely never come out, no matter what went on.
  5. Re- Visit Cancellation.

    Ermm, a slightly different version is reported this side of the pond, Bergen:

    <<Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has cancelled a meeting with Barack Obama that was planned for Tuesday to fly home and deal with the diplomatic crisis.>>


    <<Mr Netanyahu cut short a visit to Canada to deal with the growing crisis and cancelled a scheduled meeting in Washington with US President Barack Obama on Tuesday.>>


    After Netanyahu cancelled planned White House talks set for tomorrow

    Read more:

    Either you, or your US press sources, are applying a spin which has not been been swallowed in the UK (yet).

    Fair play to you though, on your viewpoint, as I guess that you are still taking the Dollar, are you not? Hand that feeds, etc.
  6. It was originally reported on Haaretz and then quickly changed to:- "Our Prime Minister Bibi Nutty Yahoo has quickly returned to Israel to re-load the paint-ball guns"

    FYI - My contract links invoices to dollar or euro. I get to choose; so you're pissing up a rope on that one. :thumbleft:

  7. Apparently 2 British citizens are currently 'missing' having been onboard at the time. Dead (possibly) Brits are surely the point where the tories either need to get firm with the Israeli's or bugger off and give us a strong govt who will
  8. It's one thing shooting unarmed Palestinian women and kids in the Greater Gaza Concentration Camp. It's quite another thing shooting unarmed NATO civilians in International Waters.

    The Turkish Prime Minister has just announced that the next aid ships will be escorted by the Turkish Navy.

    Unbelievably the Greeks are joining the Turks in condemning Israel.


  9. The Israelis upsetting the Turks again they must be losing the plot big time.Could someone please remind me just how many US bases there are on Turkish soil and why the US value them so much.Well there's nothing like biting the hand that feeds you. I'd give em another 25 years max or 2 years if the Yanks pulled the plug on them.
  10. Unfortunately, the Israelisa seem to see themselves as above the law and untouchable. They need to be shown this isnt the case........somehow. Turkish Navy escorting the next convoy........shooting match?

    Aint the world got enough problems with Korea without the Jewish Loon state adding to it
  11. One reason for said Turkish bases is that Turkey WAS a secular nation with a pro western attitude, now they are in the fast lane to becoming a clone of Iran, ever since the Islamist lot were elected to power...little by little they have been eroding Turkey's secular status.
    Also those bases in Turkey weren't much use in 2003, when if I remember right, the Turks decided at the last minute to prevent troops entering Iraq from their soil, necessitating an entry through Kuwait.

    Now hypothetically speaking what if the UK had boarded a flotilla of vessels from France headed for Ireland at the height of the troubles, a flotilla which decided to breach a military blockade erected due to gun running would we feel if the same had happened and judgement was being placed on our forces before the full facts of the matter were known?

    I still say there is more to this than the "activist" groups are letting on, many of them are blatant Hamas supporters, therefore guilty of supporting terrorists. Funny how none of them ever appear in court on those charges.

    Also I think Israel guessed this might happen, what nation wouldn't, however the operation looks botched, perhaps too few commandos initially dropped in to control the situation.

    On a closing note I would hope our government would take proactive action if we were under rocket fire from terrorists operating with impunity from a neighbouring state, though sometimes I think most of the proles and hippies would prefer us to surrender and beg for mercy.

    just my tuppence
  12. Have a quick butcher hook as to how much oil flows from east to west through the Levant . You may find that very little passes through Israel compared to Turkey and then contemplate US Self interest and the war they have just lost for that resource .I think you may find that it's goodbye to the one without the pipe lines. Never mind the terrorists bullshit and other hypothetical questions It's all about resources, it's not personal just real politics .
  13. The Hamas scum on the boarded ship started it with iron bars and knives.
  15. I wondered how long it would take ;) :lol:

    Edited after watching the video.
  16. Oops, I forgot the link.

    Watch the Video

    They would have been justified shooting the fcuking lot of them.
  17. kin'ell. I take back what i said 8O

    I hadn't watched any of the videos, Quite rightly said NMC. They would have been justified shooting the lot of them!
  18. yeah ever so "unprovoked"....big surprise there that so called "peace activists" act like a mob.

    I think what people forget is that if not for Israel, Hamas would likely be blowing up things a lot closer to here or training those who would wish to commit said atrocities here.

    My question is to those who think Israel is some form of evil empire (rather than a democracy surrounded by enemies)...would you expect our forces to standby while their mates got beaten to death? or would you expect a response involving deadly force? Sadly in the UK I would expect the former from many quarters, mainly those spouting about "revenge for Britains past evil doings and our occupation of other cultures by us white savages", thankfully there are those who still have are willing to fight...shame so many pick a bystander in the pub rather than properly channelling said aggression.

    Now the "activists" are calling it disproportionate....changing the goalposts already...caught in a lie. Then again the terrorist supporters will refuse to watch the video claiming its "zionist photoshopped propaganda" and stick their heads in the sand rather than keep an open mind. Sickens me that people would rather support a bunch of terrorists than be willing to keep an open mind.....I'm surprised the BBC site doesn't have "maybe hitler was right" comment yet.....only a matter of time though before one appears given the Beebs pro Hamas viewpoint

    Trigger....the reason is propaganda, Anti Israel activists start a brawl and then yell "but they started it" and make wild claims of Israeli massacres claiming their "activists" are peaceful souls...who beat uniformed personnel with iron bars....pfft one small step from suicide bombers that lot, people forget how well oiled the pro-hamas media machine is and how the more radical sections of the populace despise anything vaguely western preferring instead a group who would kill us all as "infidels" given the chance.

    Or have you not seen Farfur the suicide bomber loving mouse who appears on Gazan kids TV sets? Quite sickening the brain washing that Hamas subject Gazan children to, to the extent of "our mother was great, she blew herself up instead of looking after us"
  19. They were prepared and obviously intent on confrontation.

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