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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Full story Here.

    IMO this was a sickening show of weakness from the judge, these people should have been held in contempt of court. Had it been you or I standing before her it would have been a very different story. :twisted:
  2. This is sticking 2 fingers up at our law in a court of all places. Christian country with Christian culture if you are told to stand in court you stand unless you are in a wheelchair. Like it or leave in my opinion.
  3. I dunno Fink, I think maybe they we're trying to be awkward cnuts and she called their bluff?
  4. The verdict.

    Well I think she got it wrong all her decision showed was the establishment bending over for an ethnic and in this case guilty as charged minority. She should have known that Muslims do not stand for Allah but prostrate themselves.

    We are a ’soft touch’ for Muslim extremists such as this group. We provide many of these people with homes, money and rights that they would only be able to dream of, were they to reside in one of the countries where the type of Islam they advocate for Britain is actually in force.
  5. If I had been in a Saudi court and didn't observe their practices, I am sure I would have suffered a lot worse than contempt of court.
  6. Not that I would condone such actions but I did hear somewhere or other that during their nauseating protest some misguided person lobbed some bacon in amongst them, just why they happened to have some bacon about their person completely bamboozles me. :?
  7. I think their sentences were absolutely disgusting, had it be anti-semites or gaybashers shouting abuse at a gay pride parade or on the Holocaust memorial day then you can bet they would have got custodial sentences.
  8. What would you expect from a judge who gave in to their contempt, as Mr Bumble said, 'The laws an ass'.
  9. He did indeed lob a pack of bacon at them, he bought it from a shop especially. Would you believe on that day he was the ONLY PERSON arrested, he was bundled away by a number of officers.

    Why were no protestors arrested? There was a pre-agreed 'no arrest' policy in place so as not to upset community relations.

    The whole affair has been a disgrace from the start.
  10. The judge has done a dammed good job at upsetting community relations and it's way past the time where the police should be allowed to do their job without the interference of the PC brigade of nincompoops.
  11. Government to ban Islam4UK under terror laws .

    BBC News Front Page.
  12. A good move but I don't see how if the group is doing things requiring it to be banned, that the founders of it cannot be committing arrestable offences. The trouble with dealing with the group not the people is that they will just form another group, remember Islam4UK is a reincarnation of Al-Muhajiroun which was banned a few years back.
  13. The one inescapable fact is that (and you can take heart in this), is that we are all going to die sooner or later - even if you are a member of Islam4UK - the end product is the same. It's all a matter of time, nothing more. Very comforting. The only bit is absolutely nobody will remember who they were, and that's even more comforting. They will be cast on to the waste heap of history where they richly deserve to be..
  14. What the judge did was quite deliberate i,ho, as it serves to enrage the pubic as to how weak and politicised the Law is in UK. Personally I would have banged them up in different nicks for three years and no time off for feast days and any other religious crap they maunder on about.

    Oh yes, Muslims DO stand in the presence of higher authority.
  15. Hopefully on Thursday when the banning comes into force Choudary and his vile gang will be rounded up and charged.
  16. What I liked was when the arsebandits came out of the court and in front of the cameras ranted about how their trial had been rigged and their human rights abused. Pan left to one of his equally sexually repressed, 30+ virgin until he marries his first cousin to make hideous inbred babies together, holds aloft a banner 'Democracy go to Hell'. The irony/breathtaking stupidity of it all made me want to cut myself. :(
  17. Muslims4UK andAl Muhajiroun will be banne organisations from Thursday - just been on the BBC sports channel news. 10 year jail sentence for membership. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. They will be back soon as the "Muslim Friends of Old Afghanitan" or some such.A name is just a name, the extremist views of these idiots go on undaunted.They are now able to portray themselves as victims and a down trodden minority.I expect there will be those who feel sorry for them and wish to show their support.
  19. Smelling a rat here with these buffoons. Anyone heard the phrase "useful idiots"?
  20. Funny old thing, but Muslims have no problem standing up for the Judge in a German Court. Might have something to do with the fact that most of the Muslims here are Turks, who are very moderate compared to most others. Could also be something about defendants who create a disturbance are removed from Court and the trial continues without them. Sorted.

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