This sort of thing just beggars belief...


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Why why why why why....

Mrs SF, being a midwife in a city with a large Somali population, sees a lot of this. Even harder to deal with are the pleas from the women to make sure their bits are returned to their (mutilated) condition after childbirth so that their 'husbands' won't throw them onto the streets......

PS - aplogies to anyone reading this just before, during or after supper......
Yes , read it way after the evening meal although that did not ease the anger and disbelief. I have read about this before and in far greater detail as other writers try to shock people into doing something to stop the practice . As the article points out , some ask/ demand this be done so how can that be overcome . Bloody disgraceful , literally , poor kids .
I listened to that this morning while eating my porridge. Bloody barbaric and has no place on a civilised planet. I gather that its origins are a male wish that women should derive no pleasure from sex. As I understand the argument, that way, a woman will only indulge in sex as a duty to procreate. Not a dissimilar mindset to making them dress head to toe like kitbags.
It dose seem to be only in cultures where the female is treated as a second class person...where she is brought up with the belife that she is worthless unless a man owns her...Can you imagine telling a western woman that she needs this to prove herself pure and clean... and yes i agree with Passed over loggie.. this is another way of controling sex..

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