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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by rosinacarley, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone been paid today? Or has JPA exceeded its expectations!!
  2. I was told today that pay would go in on the 16th. I'm not holding my breath though.
  3. We were told the 10th. Got Paid today. Suppose it takes a few days to clear etc?
  4. Not yet - but then I do it for the fun!! :D
  5. well today is the normal pay day, yes? So your unit GCYZ obviously is more switched on than mine. I have had nothing.
  6. pay? we get paid as well as all this fun? 8O
  7. Not sure if it is an urban myth or not, but there was a dit doing the rounds at my unit when I joined, about 2 wives meeting in town one Saturday. Conversation went something along the lines of;

    Wife 1: 'Your husband at sea this weekend'
    Wife 2: 'Yes, yours too?'
    Wife 1: 'Yes. But I suppose the pay comes in handy.'
    Wife 2: 'They get paid?????'

    (don't burst my bubble, I was young and impressionable when I heard it and the Chief told me it was true!)
  8. I hear now it is definitely Thursday and AGAIN at the beginning of Dec!

    oh joy! Like a man, you wait for one for ages and 2 come along at once
  9. Well I logged into JPA today to be told I'd been paid on 1 Nov? Anyone else get this?
  10. Wonderful, just wonderful!
  11. heard today we are getting paid on Thursday through JPA......
  12. Thought you all did it for the fun of it ,

    Bye the way has anyone heard from Wompingwillow lately , if your out there Womp's give us a shout ,
  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Pay? You'll want time off next.....
  14. We were told the weekend before last that we have a contract with the RNR and that we should consider it our second job, not a hobby.

    They want professional and committed people in their Reserve? well get the basics right first.

    If your employer did not pay you on time what would YOU do? Kick up a right bloody stink I am sure .... why should we be any different?
  15. We were pre-warned that there was a distinct possibility that this months pay would be FUBAR'd but our perminant staff were working hard to sort it.
  16. "Permenant staff" and "working hard" in the same sentance....first for everything
  17. In the bank this morning that's if HMG is the new name for the BGC?
    Figure seems right too. Before we start dripping, JPA affects the whole RN and I know some of the some Permanent Staff who have already had serious cock-ups with pay as a result. Now that is far more unacceptable. Let's get this straight - THEIR MORTAGES DO DEPEND ON IT. Their attitude and motivation has a direct impact on us.

    OK we have a right to be paid and especially get expenses back, but put it in perspective.

    Also IMO our unit is lucky to have the best bunch of PSIs that I've known and they do work hard. If they don't in other units then through your div system take it up and get the XO do do his job properly.
  18. You think you are hard done to. I know of someone who has run out of man days and is doing weekends for free and not getting any TEs.
  19. World wide, my company employs over sixty-five thousand people of various international ethnic origins. Pay days are the first, perhaps the second of the month, that's in the bank ready to spend. If, as in the UK, you have various bank holidays, weekends and etc they actually pay you a few days early.
    A sub-contract company who carries out various duties in the field have a payroll of perhaps one hundred (Brits) who perhaps get their wonga on the fifteenth to eighteenth of the month...............the question is............what happens to that money (considerable amount) whilst it is in transit. :twisted:
  20. We are now back to the old chesnut, is he under the NDA?

    But that is absolutely outrageous.

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