This month's pay


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Old_Hand said:
rosinacarley said:
Has anyone been paid today? Or has JPA exceeded its expectations!!

I was told today that pay would go in on the 16th. I'm not holding my breath though.
We were told the 10th. Got Paid today. Suppose it takes a few days to clear etc?


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mazza_magoo said:
pay? we get paid as well as all this fun? 8O
Not sure if it is an urban myth or not, but there was a dit doing the rounds at my unit when I joined, about 2 wives meeting in town one Saturday. Conversation went something along the lines of;

Wife 1: 'Your husband at sea this weekend'
Wife 2: 'Yes, yours too?'
Wife 1: 'Yes. But I suppose the pay comes in handy.'
Wife 2: 'They get paid?????'

(don't burst my bubble, I was young and impressionable when I heard it and the Chief told me it was true!)
I hear now it is definitely Thursday and AGAIN at the beginning of Dec!

oh joy! Like a man, you wait for one for ages and 2 come along at once


Thought you all did it for the fun of it ,

Bye the way has anyone heard from Wompingwillow lately , if your out there Womp's give us a shout ,