This man is a legend.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by frogman007, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. I couldn't hear a lot of what he was saying, he seemed to have his mouth full with what appears to be the penis of America. :winkrazz:

    If Bin Laden achieved anything, it was finally teaching the yanks that terrorism is not glamorous nor romantic.

    Unfortunately, by selfishly dying, he also bore fruit to millions of whooping USA chanting mongs who again believe themselves to be all powerful, almighty and righteous.
  2. An excellent well balanced view of the killing of Bin Laden, I must add that chap to my Crimbo card list.
  3. Unlikely, apparently he's a vegetarian.

    ....puts me in mind of Finks, though; except this guy earns a living out of it.
  4. Thread name change: "This man is a knob"
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  5. He's called Pat Condell and he's an outrage whore with an extreme anti Islam issue. As for the video posted by the OP:

    "Obama needs to show he as a little bit of Reagan in him"

    "War was declared pretty uequivocally when 3000 people were murdered in the name of the religion of peace."

    "Mounted him with a pork chop in his mouth".

    Those three phrases alone say everything you need to know about this man.

    Edited to add: If you look at Pat Condell's videos, he would appear to be Fink. Same idiotic views, same avoidance of any debate or counter.
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  6. More of a bell end that a leg end.
  7. Just a Daily Hatemail talking head. Reactionary gibberish.
  8. I must be missing something here, aren’t Islamic terrorists the biggest threat to us all in these times?
  9. Yes you must.

    No they're not.
  10. Apparently not.
    Ethnic English may need watching.
  11. If we hang on a bit someone will come along and tell us who our enemies are.
    If we hang on a tad longer someone will come along and tell us why.
  12. Possibly maybe, probably no.
  13. There seems to be some selective memory loss going on here.
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  14. Thanks for that.
  15. Its just opinions mate, there like ********* everybody's got one.
  16. I haven't ten ******* letters
  17. So you must be full of shit then.
  18. You know wrecks do you?
  19. Of what? Centuries of defending ourselves from oppresive, violent muslim hordes?

    The biggest threat to us in these modern times are people looking for things to get angry about because hating and blaming someone or something gives them purpose.
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