This made me laugh


Lantern Swinger
Yes a great joke - I think not!

Thanks Topaz - maybe you are too young to actually join up after all.


Please remove this before anyone else is sucked in.

Naughty Topaz. Get yer mop handle, raise it above yer head and run round your street shouting, at the top of your (falsetto?) voice...

"AHOY! AHOY! I'M A STUPID BUOY!" :biggrin:
Me too, I wanna see it too, if it's naked phots.

janner said:
Jimmy_Green said:
What I miss, what I miss?
Not to worry JG, it was only naked pics of Topaz, you haven't missed much. Nasty spot on her face though :dwarf:
Mind you, if you've got a spotty grid you can cut that bit out.

Tits oot and legs akimbo will do.

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