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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Drakey, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. Found this little gem when looking at another post on RR.
    All aboard the outrage bus.....
  2. No outrage, but an accusation of sheer stupidity. They don't eat pork, that don't mean they don't play with them.
  3. If you don't like little piggies then buy a different toy.
    Muslims make up about 5% of the population, not sure about those of the Jewish faith who also do not eat pork.
    So why is it when a Muslim shouts about his religion the country jumps to obey their request?
    Funny how the Jewish community do not seem to have any problems with pork or piggies, they just accept that it is our way and live their lives according to their scriptures.
  4. Insulting to pigs?
  5. My wife, a pre-school teacher (prior to my current draft) had something similar to this at her school. The teachers decided to get each child a ceramic piggy bank last year for Christmas, to be told by the powers that be that it was a non-starter as it could offend muslims parents!! The kids were 3-4 year olds.
  6. PC is just insanity.
  7. FFS what goes throught these people's heads when they come out with this shite! :roll:

    At least sanity prevailed in this case...
  8. They do when their mums not looking.

    Commcen Naples in the 80s I was asked by one "give us a taste", I can't remember his comment afterwards on if it was nice or not.
  9. I bet if they're all honest they'd say the like the smell of a bacon cooking!!!
  10. WTDickens?

    They will be after removing the occupants of the Pusser's Wardrooms next!

    Bring back CDF.
  11. Is there a cure for this wild Rashist reporting?
  12. On behalf of Hindus everywhere I strongly object to the inclusion of a cow in the farm. I find it disgraceful that blah blah blah.....
  13. I suppose the Welsh contingent will complain 'cos there aren't enough sheep :roll:
  14. It doesn't say that a Muslim has 'shouted', in fact it mentions Muslims who have also commented on the stupidity of the shop's action.

    The 'country' has not jumped - a shop made a somewhat ridiculous error of judgement.
  15. Fact is Guzzler, it is all too common these days for many folk (not just our poor old Slim) to read between the lines; without troubling to read along the lines first.
  16. "Sigh".

    This ever increasing, thundering, runaway "Muslim this, Muslim that" snowball made of shite is becoming extremely tiresome.

    Every day some utter wank is carved into the consciousness of arse paper reading morons in a thinly veiled hate fueling cack dressed up as a newsworthy story.

    The sheer volume of outrage directed at the muslim populous recently has gone from nauseating to plain aggravating.

    This sad tale was no doubt the fault of some halfchad white middle manager who delights in taking offence on behalf of people. Despite the fact that the has mentioned the fact that Muslim parents themselves think this is ludicrous, it will not stop the "Get out of our country then" chin wipers who won't have got that far down the article or will conveniently ignore it.

    A story, like so many others, designed to stir up shit, mind you, no-one buys a redtop for news do they.

    I also note that the Muslim council of Britain's press release, highlighting the long standing support by British Muslims for the UK armed forces has not been widely reported. How fucking surprising.

    It's a good job that as with not all Muslims being terrorists or attempting to convert the UK to Sharia law, I can also appreciate that not all Britons are ignorant, bigoted, moronic halfwits who lap this wank up.

    I'm not having a go at the OP or anyone on this thread by the way, just having a kingsize rant at what I see is a runaway express train of increasing xenophobia in this ever increasingly catshite island.
  17. C'mon Monty..... it was only the 'Sun'.....renown for printing shite !

    No one believes anything they print....... do they ? 8O
  18. We wish. The Sun's falling circulation, from the New Statesman last June:

    <<....its circulation has fallen 35 per cent since its peak of 4.7 million in the mid-Nineties.......>>

    But even that still indicates about 3 million sold - I've ofter wondered who reads it out to all those who actually buy it.

    (Finks surely cannot buy 'em ALL?)
  19. Pigs?

    I thought they were safe for a while after Peppa's family were forced into wearing their seat belts whilst travelling?

    Perhaps they are becoming the new Golliwog - Standby Monty.
  20. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I like Yusuf Islam. He rocks.

    Cliff Richard is a cunt though.

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