This Judge needs Sacking

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. What sort of judiciary exists in the U.K. these days?

    Doddering old f*ck.
  2. I believe many of our legal friends are members of the same ' club ' therefore looking after their own . Possibly they , judges , spend so long absorbing the filth they have to listen to that it affects them and they become part of it . Should be some way they can be got at but the nucts are just about untouchable . Yes , this one should be FW sacked .

  3. "Did she look like she was ten? Certainly not. She looked 16, that was a matter that was accepted."

    Sheesh! How the hell does a 10 year old look 16?!

    Maybe someone should investigate that Judge - if he's letting all these nonce's off, perhaps it's because he's relating to them on another level..
  4. Probably from the same school of nambie-pambie legals that don't allow violent young criminals to be identified by name in case it affects their future, even if they've jusy kicked seven bells out of a pensioner for a few pennies!
  5. The judge said: "It is quite clear she is a very disturbed child and a very needy child and she is a sexually precocious child. She liked to dress provocatively."

    And what the hell has this to do with the price of chickens ? Is this ANY kind of defence for letting an adult do what they did to a 10yo girl......
  6. At least you ( UK ) are not alone in this type of judgement . Not so long ago the top dog in the NT sentenced an indigenous elder to a few weeks gaol after repeated sexual attacks on a young girl . Public outcry resulted in an extended sentence , custodial , after a lot of un-neccessary time and expense . Big purge taking place in the Northern Territory at the moment against child sex abuse , alcohol and porn . Could be interesting what is found under a few rocks
  7. At least he didn't give he a few bob and tell her to run along and buy herself a 'nice new bike' this time.

    Some of these Judges need putting down.
  8. Perhaps these judges should explain their decisions to a room full of parents

  9. Only if the door is locked and all the parents are given a baseball bat :threaten:
  10. Compare this with the Septic Judge who gave a peado SIX THOUSAND YEARS in jail!

    Good Drills, M'lud! :thumright:

    Of course, any Septic judge who started making comments like "she did'nt look 10 years old" would quickly find himself out of a job. In the UK, judges are unsakable no matter how badly they fcuk up! :threaten:
  11. The sack is too kind - I was thinking more on the lines of shagging with a jar of mad wasps...............
  12. Lets just see what the sentance would have been if it had been one of his cronie's daughter. Even if by some miracle she did look 16 - it still does not make it right - lets just hang the fucker - the Judge and the perv!!
  13. Why not tie him in the sack with the wasps then after say an hour or two, drop him in the Solent (still in sack)
  14. Nothing new then... 25 years ago most judges behaved like this. Of course if men and boys were treated this way by women you can bet their response would be very different. If you don't believe me just compare sentencing statistics for the 1970s and 1980s for men who rape girls and men who molest (but do not rape) boys. The latter got more severe sentences. Most men who assaulted girls were given light (or no) sentences because they claimed that because their wife was frigid, this somehow forced them to rape their daughter. This defence is still used, though less frequently than in the past. Perhaps the solution is to have judges of the same gender as the victim. That way we might expect more severe and appropriate sentences for convicted rapists... but don't hold your breath!
  15. The problem with your suggested punishment is that he would probably enjoy it.
  16. Someone remind me why judges are unaccountable even when they get it so very wrong!
  17. read the story of Madam Sin? in London a lot of her punters were the fetish brigade,what goes round comes around.
    I mean if you were a retired matelot and a judge would you jail a sailor for being out on the lash and causing a disturbance?no-way.Same as they do,they belong to that ilk.
  18. Judge needs sacking parents need prison sentence for not looking after child

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