This is SUCH a gash question I didn't even put it in Newbies


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Re: This is SUCH a gash question I didn't even put it in New

Naval_Gazer said:
scouse said:
Naval_Gazer said:
I'm still thinking about the 'P'. Whatever could it mean? :scratch:

By George, I think I've got it! :idea: Isn't 'Plumber' RN terminology for a Marine Engineer? :?:
And im still stumped on O :dontknow: :lol:

Isn't it someone who does 'Operations' in the medical branch? What's the word... oh yes, a Surgeon. :angel12:
Yes and a good -Looker too :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Karma said:
Aircrew swan about looking scruffy in their unwashed grow bags, whilst objecting to engineers wearing their daily changed overalls in the mess...

So the wardroom does have something common with SR's messes then, dabbers in skanking 8's dripping about us in ovies.


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slim said:
Why do engineers change their overalls daily? Lets face it they do no physical work and modern engine rooms hardly cause copious quantities of perspiration. :oops:
Perhaps it due to them falling over and crawling back to the cabin on hands and knees after a nights imbibing. :p

Slim, when were you last in a "modern" engine room shipmate? My space on last deployment was a steady 47 C during the day. Quite warm even for you fu*kers on sweat pay on the flight deck. :wink:


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rafterman said:
don't know if this helps but as a phot, and member of the fleet air arm, I have 'P' under my branch badge on my nos 1's?

Oh, go on then, I'll ask since no-one else has...

Can we have a picture of it & why not use the lavvy (heads) like everyone else?

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