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"...this is so hard ..."

golden_rivet said:
so what about it ? Ruth and Sam ...

well this is current affairs :lol:

Perfect couple. I mean let's face it, Sam's got more charisma that David, whose always moaning, gambling and having his wicked way with fair maidens.... :wink: I also have a very soft spot for Ruth... I just love her voice...
nothing sad about us sweetie - anyway who sez we are old !!!! ageism isn't allowed now you know - you better watch out missy!!!


I missed the Archers' omnibus this morning because I was at work, so I'm now listening to it online.

Good for Ruth.
rosinacarley said:
what on earth are you two sad gits talking about?

We're chatting about the BIG news of today... no not that sad git Saddam, no what really matters in the World today, Rosie: The Archers, Ruth's discovery that David's been a naughty farmer and has been having an affair (a bit like Brian really, and that briefcase in the garage with a bottle of bubbly in it... a future timebomb waiting to detonate)!
I`m not worried about Dan, tho I`m a bit worried about AAC, RR, ARRSE The Archers , reads all the papers, Tell me Always where do you find the time to work?
higthepig said:
I`m not worried about Dan, tho I`m a bit worried about AAC, RR, ARRSE The Archers , reads all the papers, Tell me Always where do you find the time to work?

At work I'm supplied with the main national dailies for scanning, cutting & indexing in the mornings... I actually get paid for this :D At home I read a number of newspapers as well, such as the Danish Politiken and the Norwegian Aftenposten. Information and its dissemination is what pays the bills, my academic work (my "hobby") is subsidised by my full time job, which is just as well, as many of the books I need are not easily available and quite expensive! It's a kind of symbiotic relationship.

EG... Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life by Giorgio Agamben - background legal theory reading on legal rights and limits - that's my use of it.

New Theories of Discourse: Laclau, Mouffe and Žižek by Jacob Torfing - which I used to explore hate speech and differential topoi of what consitiutes offensive discourse.
Steve, you know that I have grown very fond of you over the last few months, but I am afraid this really needs to be said ... you need to get out more!!!
higthepig said:
Makes me want to read Homer for fun.

By comparison, Homer is fun. Unless you're reading it in the original (yuk) it nice and straightforward. With both of the above books you read a few sentences and spend several minutes digesting their meaning. The Agamben is quite a slim book yet is taking me ages to read - admittedly I've taken a break from it (yes ,it's that unreadable :lol:) to read a book on German Civil Law 1918-45 - which is light reading by comparison.

Rosie, I've developed a very soft spot for you too :D. I'm really going to have to organise a special trip (aloft, winding staircase, noisy at regular intervals and covered with over 1kg of gold leaf...) to get a group of us regulars here together, preferebly when we're all free... if that's possible :roll: This is where a private chatroom would be quite useful - for inviting a group of people...
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