This is it - I'm not joining the marines no more

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Spartan, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Right, due to the way I've been treated on here I'm not joining the Marine Corps any longer. I have spoken to the Paras and they are much better people and the guy at the office was even impressed by time as a gangster. So I probably wont be posting on here anymore cos I'm going to be an airborne warrior innit. No naked tomfoolery for me. Paras are harder than Marines anyway.

    So long chumps

    Brap Brap Brap
  2. I'm sure the Royals are in tears at the thought of you not joining them and becoming a PONGO instead!!
  3. No!!! It can't be true?? Boo hoo..

    (Boy, does this pass my day at work!!)
  4. Well they're just going to LOVE your RM tat then aren't they? Now piss off and go and watch Jeremy Kyle you chav little [email protected]!
  5. don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  6. But I thought you were too hard to be intimidated?

    What about all the naked rolling around with your pusse?
  7. Gosh, what can I say, really, we're all deeply sadened by such a loss. I'm sure the Royal's loss is the Para's gain - They have a new gimp to play with. If you change your mind because people take the michael out of you, may I suggest the only army you will be able to cope with is the Salvation Army. I hear they're recruiting....
  8. Bolloks! Didn't fink of that.

    And what's a PONGO?
  9. What about the bitching and the sex toy stuff?
  10. Why am I not surprised you didn't think of it - Numpty
  11. Won't it rub off? - have you tried a wire brush?
  12. Sorry to hear you have changed your mind, but that's modern youth for you. The chaps here will be able to give you all the advice you need about being a Para, god luck.
  13. This guy is a bigger wind-up merchant than a Swiss watch manufacturer. I can't believe some of you still seem to be taking him seriously. Or are you?
  14. Guess
  15. When you first came on to these forums you were spotted for the true **** that you are.

    Tell me son, what makes you think you will EVER have the mettle to stand shoulder to shoulder with any of this countries service men and women?

    Your reversion to type (pubescent spotty youth) will be your eternal failure, you my son, will never attain in life a fraction of what each individual serving Sailor, Marine, Soldier or Airman has achieved.

    You are a sad little boy, who will most likely become the bane of those who probably at some point thought something of you.

    Should you ever wish to salvage some of the banal existence you are heading into, a quiet, subtle trip to a recruiting office will be a start.

    Goodbye little boy.

  16. Isn't a Para what you become if you don't have the brains, balls or sheer talent to be in the RM?

    As for the guy at the office, he was probably pissing himself laughing when you started going on about your time as a "gangster". Para's are all ass-bandits.. they'll love you!
  17. Maybe GOOD/BAD CO can set up a seperate forum for TROLLS so that when they do appear they can be moved and we can all have fun with them there.
  18. I have just told my Oppos in the Marines and they are still crying.... such a loss they screamed.

    The Army recruiter seemed impressed by your gangsta past eh? Well, when they said there was a recruitment shortage I never realised by just how much!
  19. Have you given a months notice to quit your paper round?
  20. That's because due to the floods there is a shortage of sandbags. They've all been taken away from the sangars so numpties like Sparten will be used as stand-ins. Because his IQ is not as high as a sandbag he won't be paid as much and won't have the same rights and privileges.

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