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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jimbo3188, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Hello

    Yes, I rarely contribute anything to this site, but enjoy reading it daily.

    I am sick of this guy that keeps posting under various names slagging off anything to do with todays RN, or in fact, whatever takes his fancy.

    I often come on here and am confronted with topic after topic started by this idiot. I've lost count of how many new topics I've clicked on, to find yet more shit from him about the same theme.

    The community on here is too small to allow one person to act in this way. Its obvious his topics and posts are not welcome, so why is it allowed to continue?

    Unless he is blocked from the forum, or leaves, then I'm likely to lose interest in RumRation. I've rectenly discovered ARSSE, and although having nothing to do with the pongo's, find it a better forum than this.

    I look forward to some replies, in support or against, and comments from MODS as to why this prat is still here.
  2. Hear hear.
    There are officers, there are ex-officeres here. There are ratings, there are ex-ratings here. There are naval buffs, historians, there are even MOD civil servants here (heaven forbid).
    We might not always agree with what the RN does. We might not always agree with the way things are going. But we do care passionately about the RN, past and present and it comes through on every page.
    My philosophy in life has always been that it is better to be "for something" than "against it" (except orange Revels and Nazism, not necessarily in that order...)
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ast_Ed: And don't forget morris dancing... :oops:
  4. Norman, his first and therefore most known user name, has been 'Trolled' and made an oxygen thief in several of his guises, it does no good as he creates another account and carries on as before.
    We know his ISP address, but it takes very little effort to identify his posts as they are, like other users I could mention, full of his inflated ego and warped mindset. (See his lateset nasty BS aimed at Brazen Hussy).
    I read his first posts and then try and prevent myself from replying, but I've got the breaking strain of a Kit Kat, so I usually bite.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Theres a simple answer, as soon as its realised that Norman is posting under one of his many guises, ignore his post or newly started thread. Those that are complaining about him most are among those rising to the bait.
    If he is allowed/encouraged to continue the site is in danger of losing contributors, he has spoiled in one way or another several interesting threads
    Stop replying to him
  6. Surely you can ban his IP address???? I'm a member of another forum and each IP address is only allowed one account.

    Even the Assistant Editor of Navy News wants this nobber out! I'm now looking forward to a feature in next months Navy News on this very subject.

    Ban the twat! Its turning people away!

  7. Errr... i only use this name to slag off the RN. ;P

    Go! Koninklijke Marine! Remember Chatham
  8. For $eitys sake do not print an article about it
    That would be the cream on the cake for a Troll

    Bloody hell that is the ultimate accolade for a Troll to have it in PRINT
    He will sit under his bridge pulling his pud drapped in the glory of Troll world

    Please PLEASE do not do it

    Jack McHammocklashing RO9
  9. Yep, normally I like conversations with nobbers, but even I draw the line with Norman. :w00t:

    Don't hold your breath on that feature though...
  10. Asst-Ed
    Lets chat :thumright:

  11. There was a time when I considered Norman a mischievous troll, irritating but relatively harmless. Perhaps he was just a wah-merchant seeking temporary kudos before revealing his true identity as one of us all along. However, he has now persisted for too long and under too many transparent guises for this theory to remain credible, despite what he may think himself. He has now moved on to making sexually-explicit personal attacks, albeit from the lonely safety of his PC, against a female authority figure he perceives as vulnerable but whom he subliminally fears or admires. Such behaviour demonstrates many of the classic symptoms of the paranoid schizophrenic sociopath.

    But don't take my word for it. Judge for yourself how many of these boxes Norman ticks:

    Victims of this type of mental disorder tend to delude themselves that their actions to attract the attention they crave are just 'a bit of fun'. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they convince themselves, I repeat, they convince themselves that they are conquering their low self-esteem by demonstrating their 'cleverness' and will be able to resume more rational behaviour at a time of their own choosing. Sadly, the opposite is true and their condition only worsens without appropriate treatment. For his own sake, I believe Norman should seriously question his own motives and seek psychological help before his mental health deteriorates further.
  12. "IF" big if, Norman served, then I thank $eity I did not serve with him or had the bunk below him

    He ticks 98% of those boxes, and really should seek help
    (If norm is a serving/ex matelot and it is a big joke, then think again son you have gone beyond and indeed tick said boxes yourself)

    Still Norm keeps the forum ticking in the quiet hours

    Pity Netleys shut

    Jack McH
  13. I reckon he's an 83 year-old Security Guard on a
    Wimpey Homes building site with access
    to a cement covered laptop and a Wi-Fi

    It gets cold and lonely in them beat-to-shit caravans.
  14. Norman is in a state of PermaWaaah because the RN passed over his grandson.
  15. So why hasn't he been banned? We haven't had a response to this request yet
  16. An IP address, and the behaviour of a user with respect to IP addresses, can give some useful information, but blocking the address is a bit of a blunt instrument. Address blocking is also quite easy to get around, since very few people have fixed IP addresses. Most ''always on'' broadband still changes the address of the customer at regular intervals, unless your package allows for a fixed address.

    Different ISPs use their available address ranges in slightly different ways, depending on the commercial offering that they're putting to the market, and knowing a little about those offerings allows someone with access to addresses to identify relationships between accounts.

    I would agree with that, but the way to drown him out is to participate in discussions, start them and otherwise contribute.
  17. The poor deluded person is looking for a response and the less response it gets the less interested it will become. That is unless we can persude some one to up the medication.
  18. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Then may I suggest a way ahead would be to create a sticky which has each of Normans new names and users are advised to NOT enter debate with that username.

    He'll soon get sick of starting threads that no-one contributes to and once people scan the "Norman list" they'll stop responsing to him entirely.

    Within a short while he'll wither away.....
  19. I thought the Gash Barge had been started so that the sort of garbage Norman comes up with could be moved over by the Mods?
  20. Well we can rule out he is sectioned unless mental establishments have a more lenient view on what can be opened up on the net.

    My recent stay in hospital[the heart decided to go on overdrive again] I decided to see what was happening on RR and no could do!!!

    Webpage arrived and that was it!!!

    Its turning people away!

    If the rantings of a one step up from pond life individual posing as a gang of ten turns people away who are these that are being turned away.

    A while back I was subject to a few lines of abuse Jodrell Banker was one outburst.

    That brought back memories of Lympstone many years ago up in the trees the PTI calling from below hey you Jodrell Banker get moving. Of course he meant the other guy not me??

    I ignored this person and another who could have been Norman it turned out he was later labelled oxygen thief and who it also turned out had never served.

    I sympathise/sympathize with the general public who may be turned away by trash such as these. But after all this is a RN/RM site is it not!!

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