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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. image.jpg HMS Daedalus 1970 before going down the slipway^_~
  2. I love hovercrafts they got me my first house.

  3. How did you manage to nick a house with a hovercraft?:w00t:
  4. Don't you remember during the 60's and early 70's they were flogging the shares around the pubs for 10/- per share to fight the patent for the hoover craft with the yanks.
    I won a shit load on the roulette one night (for them days) £150.00 and being jack as **** and flash I bought £50.00 worth and stashed em in my ditty box.
    A few years later they announced one night on news at ten that Britain had won the patent rights, and the share value in Vosper thornycroft had sawed.
    I was having tea at the time at my dads, and told him I had 100+ shares in the firm.
    He was a real sceptic was dad and wanted to see the share certificates. I produced them and he being a regional manager for a major oil company took them to one of the blokes at work who dealt with shares and such. They were authenticated and there was a massive dividend paid on them plus the face value of the certificates.
    Came to £8,000 and at a time when the average detached up here was around £4,500.
    New house cash.
    Divorce was my Achilles heal.
  5. Nice one Rummers:bs:
  6. Late 66 we won and they premiums and dividends were paid when the yanks repaid all the licence dues a few years later.
    You can find it on google.
  7. I can remember putting together an airfix model of that thing.
    Very nice bit of kit. Would gave liked to have seen the original.
    Talking of Yanks. I am working on the design of new propulsion motors for their upcoming amphibious hovercraft. I wonder if they still pay royalties to the Brits.
  8. I remember when one of the LoS H/Craft pilots was shot!!

    Browndown range was active at the time. Can't remember the pilots name but the crewman who got it back was Pete Mesney.
  9. When SRN1 first went to Ariel/Daedalus in - I think - early summer of 1960 they did load testing with Navy and RM personnel prior to it becoming part of the annual Military Equipment Demonstration at sea off Lee. The first real public showing was when the SRN1 loaded with RMs did a very fast raid onto Southsea beach. I think there were pictures in the Pompey Evening News and probably the Navy News.

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