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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. image.jpg Ark Royal decommissioned after 24 years service 1979
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  2. Looks to have been taken from Plymouth Hoe, the building on the right is now a restaurant/ bar. Free parking. Carrier probably razor blades, which one was it? Eagle ?
  3. It's R08 innit?
  4. Rummers
    I think its the Ark R09?
  5. Cheers mate my computers out of focus, can't be the eyes.:confused4:
  6. T'aint the Bulwark, she only had one mast. Ark came in Nov 78 IIRC 'cos we had just come back from 3 months oop North and the bastards wouldn't let us in until the Ark had gone in first, kept us at Charlie buoy overnight!!!
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  7. I bet you counted the rivets as well didn't you?
    Go on admit it.
  8. Only the one Rummers, it was noticeable as it was a different colour to all the others and was quite shiny. For some reason it also made your eyes water!
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  9. Checked "Janes 1975 / 76" Eagle had been disposed of by then. The silhouette is almost definately the Ark Royal but it looks like it's Guz
  10. It is the Ark and it is Guzz, as I said, she came in Nov 78 and de-commissioned Feb 79.
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I just found out my next door neighbor (across a paddock and up a hill) is an ex navy officer who served on the Ark, he went to the states on her when 42 where embarked (1974 ish?)
  12. What commando were you in blobbs?
  13. The commando in question will admit to nothing :)
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  14. His camouflage was dodgy not many about wearing big pink spots.
    Only when the was trying to blend in whilst in barracks
  15. I meant the commando Blobby was "in" (DPM rivet?)
  16. I was trying to rise... ah bugger it, it went over my head.
  17. R09 I know I am late for the 'party' but..She played a great role in my life. I joined her in 61 and we remained good friends till end of commission in 63.This is
    my first post so be gentle!!!
  18. Ark royal commissioned in FEB 55

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  19. Good pic Scouse, I did get to go aboard the Ark, when in Malta once with the Vic, a lot of my old joining up class picked the Ark up on their first draft. Amongst the handlers were 'Barney' Pritchard, Trevor 'Bev' Brookes and Dave Buckingham. Good days !!
  20. I think this was in Norfolk,VA. Don't know which decade 60s-70s

    Ark Royal.jpg

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