This Country Is Going Down The Pan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ukdaytona, Apr 4, 2007.

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    We still cant deport Asylum Seekers - WHY ???

    Just open the doors and let everyone in, give them a house, a very nice house in the Country etc.........

    Meanwhile our Armed Forces are being supplied sub-standard equipment, even the new 'super duper' Eurofigther is going in for an upgrade - WHY?

    The cost of the Lynx Helicopter Supply/Support programme has doubled in a year to £2bn - WHY

    Would the last person please turn off the lights and close the door. Thanks UKPLC
  2. So what's new? every time you put a Labour government in power it happens! (does too under the Tories - but slower!)
  3. Going down the pan...I think its gone!!
  4. as a person from the outside looking in, i have difficulty understanding why Britain, traditionally THE superpower when it comes to naval affairs, has downgraded the navy to a point where there are less than 100 ships on duty.
  5. Priorities Jarhead - all the wrong ones!
  6. but does whoever's handling the checkbook in the government not realize that just because there's not a war on now ( i refuse to call Iraq a war - Congress never declared war on it), doesn't mean there won't be one in the future?
  7. Ahhhh a beautifully provocative comment from Jarhead. Makes me wonder if he is Bergy in disguise trying to make us bite.

    Anyway back on thread - going down the pan - so what? I for one am glad if going down the pan means we don't apply the sorts of nasty policies that spider monkey obviously espouses. In the past Great Britain's greatness was built on the exploitation of our own working/peasant classes plus anything we could grab off other people so great relief all round that we no longer behave like that and some consolation to be gained from the tourist revenue generated by the stately homes built thanks to the aforesead ill gotten gains.

    Do we really want to be a great power??? Well its fun I suppose. Went to a conference at RUSI the other week and it appears that it's by no means certain that we could launch the same forces to win were it to happen tomorrow, however since the conclusion of several speakers was also that in reality the Falklands War was a closer run thing than mythology admits of maybe there hasn't been SUCH a big change; certainly not in the last 25 years.

    Personally I really don't care where we stand in the 'rankings'. Particularly since I've rarely eve heard a UK politician speak on any subject whom I felt was worthy to represent me and my lovely country. Put those scumbags in charge of an Armada, I don't think so ... not unless we have to at any rate :roll:

    In future years we will I suspect rise or fall on the basis of what is in our hearts, by preserving the values that have survived the vicissitudes of imperial comings and goings, things like tolerance, love of freedom and a belief in the need to educate ourselves and help everyone achieve their full potential. These sorts of values always take a battering from politicians whose short term view of the world reflects their despicable motives...

    So - in conclusion - are we going down the pan??? Not a bit of it its just that the world is changing and we can all be happy as long as every one of us is prepared to change(i.e. learn) too.

    Here endeth the first lesson ... 8)
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Bwaaahaaa! 100 ships - the RN hasn't had anthing like 100 ships for over 30 years at a guess. The frontline surface fleet is currently less than 30 with talk of only about 18 or so being available.
  9. I can confirm that i have not been on this board under any other name before this point.

    Not trying to be controversial - just trying to understand.
  10. Jarhead dont worry about it mate.Sometimes I wonder at why some of these left wing cheese eating surrender monkeys bother signing up for a military based web site. However each to there own and on the whole there all nice people (in the cyber sense)
  11. Top post!

    These lefties have turned our country into the land of milk and honey for asylum seekers!

    Let them all in, give them homes over our working people and bow down to their every cultural need!
  12. I think Blair is a penis! He is doing a remarkable job of destroying our glorious country. Even though he has ruined us ,im not gonna let him stop me loving my country and being proud of it. The more he f*cks us up, the more effort we must make to Love England.

  13. Nope, Blair is NOT a penis!

    A penis is some f**king use. :x
  14. The country is not going down the pan it has been flushed all the way to the sewerage works.
    Great Britain needs a complete overhaul, starting with the welfare state which allows thousands of perfectly healthy young people to sit on their backsides and collect benefits which exceed the wages of many hard working people.
    We can then go on to the large number of young offenders, put them away for six months in an old style Borstal, when they come out they will never want to offend again.
    Illegal immigrants, many have skills which would benefit the country, use them. Those who are criminals repatriate as quickly as possible.
    Emigrants who have been given permission to stay. Great let them work, many are law abiding people, those criminal elements amongst them should lose their right to remain in the UK and be deported along with their immediate family.
    Build some austere housing estates in the countryside. Remove the proven problem families from the sink estates (most of them don't work so are not paying rent) and place them on these estates. Result being all the problem families in one area and the sink estates can be renovated and made fit for the decent families who remain. The sink estates would soon become respectable and desirable areas to live in.

    Other suggestions welcome as is criticism of my ideas from our resident PC brigade.
  15. While I agree with most of you on Labour's faults, I pray to god the Tories can find someone better than Cameron. He seems to think he's in a race to out-Labour Labour, to grow government faster than Labour could ever dream of.
  16. I do wonder if this is a ploy by NuLabour.
    Appologise for things we had nothing to do with (Slavery)
    Wind Down the Armed Forces so they become nothing more than a 'Home Guard'
    Rip the heart out of Education, Health and Policing

    See the problem we have (as I see it) is that while a lot of the Tories went to Private School, I dont think that was the case for Nu Labour and so they are making up for that fact now by dropping their trousers and taking it from behind by anyone who wants a free 'ride'
  17. Agree mate .
  18. to be fair most people in the uk only stand up for their country, England Scotland, Walesif it's playing a sport or under serious risk, we need to start educating at a young age what a great multicultural nation the U.k. is and that they should start to respect the country, I'm not talking about joining the BNP or anything like that but if you takethe U.S. (i know not a good example of a nation) but at least they all grow up loving there country

    Or I could just be talking crap!
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I disagree, most young thrusters grow up loving the they should.....they only become cynical about it when they're able to vote and get a twisted view on history to "enhance" there voting freedom
  20. As always your average patriotic british citizen has got his nose hard against the grind stone trying to make a good life for his family. With no time or inclination to make waves as it is not the done thing. However if things go too far then he will rise up and be counted. Unfortunately this time it may be too late or it will be too extreme and we will end up with the likes of the BNP with a hand on the levers of power. I believe to be british is not a matter of ethnic origin but a set of values as the last true british person died out in th 12th century the rest of us are a bunch of mongrels make up from a vast ethnic gene pool. So by all means allow immegrants into this country if they wish to buy into our shared value system and maybe enhance it, but do not try to change it to your home nations system or religous belief, if you cannot do this then dont bother. As for those who class themselves as british born and bred for generations but think society owes them an easy life because of this you can board the p[lane with those who do not wish to assimilate with our society as you are one of the causes of all our woes and soaring tax bills.

    End of rant

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