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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Right I have two cars. One I bought new years ago(1997) and due to extremely low mileage and condition I could not bare to let it go when I bought a new one two years ago. :)
    The old car I left my 70% no-claims insurance on as my son is a named driver on it , with a few "naughties on his slop chit. :twisted:
    The new car I have earned two years bonus on plus the new buisiness and bought on-line discount. :lol:
    Yes all very boring,except............. :(
    I have just stuffed the f*ckin new car into the old one and it don't look good or pretty.................F*ckin shit!!!!!!!!!! :oops: :cry:
    Now how the f*ck do I claim against myself? 8O :?:
  2. Report it stolen. everyone's a winner. ;)
  3. Say the Mrs was driving then claim against her,if she dont pay up sue her.
  4. Er lets not beat around the bush, f*ck that suggestion, I'd rather blow kisses at a bootneck. Not half as dangerouse. 8O :oops: :D :D
  6. If you were schizo you wouldn't have this problem.
  7. We are!!

    And so are we. 8O :D :D
  8. Which one is getting claimed against?
  9. Seen as no bugger's asked it, how'd you manage that?! Did you literally spend weeks welding, cutting and stuffing one car into the other to make some sort of magical metal kinder surprise? 8O :D
  10. I think it was him but, but I will smack me one if I keep saying it. 8O :D

    We was thinking of blaming the stokers wasn't we? Yes 8O :D

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