Third World Vaccinations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. I am very firmly against Foreign Aid that is used to buy cars/planes/palaces etc for despots whilst we don't take care of our own country and it's people.
    Blair Broon and Cameron have all fallen into this trap in an effort to be a bleeding heart, but I am strongly in favour of this new award to stop kids dying of treatable diseases.
    I notice the UK is ahead of all other countries in this including the USA.
    We should be proud of that,in fact we should stop all the Aid to Afghanistan/Yemen/Somalia etc and give it all to help more people with vaccinations.
    There should be less fraud if carried out correctly ie,ten million doses,ten million kids vaccinated,seems straightforward to me,but it won't be.
  2. I am fully in favour of allowing childen to live with aid programmes,BUT let us also do the same for our own .Which we dont
  3. Apparently we are scrapping our foreign aid to India - which was becoming harder to maintain given they have their own space program and aircraft carrier...

    However saving kids from Polio is exactly the kind of decent aid that:
    a) doesn't create aid dependence - especially if the disease can be eradicated
    b) is harder to be corrupt with - everyone else already has these vaccines
    c) wins us hearts and minds in those countries among the ordinary populace
    d) shows the good foreign aid can do in these difficult financial times. Much easier to point to dead kids v more intangible programs

    Finally of course it also saves 4m lives a year who will be future consumers of Western products. Reducing child mortality is also a prerequisite for families deciding to have fewer children to provide for them in old age. If you want to reduce it to an economic or Malthusian argument.
  4. It is also more likely that as a result of overseas vaccination programmes people from Britain are less likely to become infected when on holiday abroad and import disease. This in turn means they do not need treatment nor infect others. I just wish malaria could be eliminated.
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  5. Cheap at £840 million pounds, is this new money or money taken from the foreign aid budget.Diseases however will always be a problem and there are enough "Health tourists" visiting our shores, just to make certain that the NHS cannot be run to a budget. Still we have loyal taxpayers to take up the shortfalls

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