Third grandchild arrived

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by Andy_Cap, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Third grandchild arrived early this morning :smile:, Lovely little girl.:happy4::happy4::happy4::happy4:

    Being a grandad is getting to be a full time job
  2. hope mum and baby doin well and proud granda havin a wet
    just for the sake of the nerves with the waiting enjoy wish them all the best from me and hwmo
  3. Yes both fine thanks, and yes having a couple just to settle the nerves
  4. Congrats Dear Chap! Hope you enjoy a glass or two in relative peace and quiet ... with 3 grandkids no chance!
  5. Congratulations, our first grandson is now 1 years old . ( still single and rigged like a Maltese donkey).
    life can't get any better enjoy yourself and the little one.
  6. Such wonderful news, AC. Congratulations!

    No doubt she will be able to wrap you round her little finger when she's a bit bigger, in the way that only little grand-daughters can.
  7. Wow nice one AC you will be over the moon mate.
  8. My warmest congratulations, enjoy spoiling her and the other two.
  9. Congrats AC, kiss your cheque book goodbye now with 3 of them!!
  10. Congratulations to you and the tribe, best wishes.
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Many thanks for all the good wishes. Ah well not so much fishing and golf for the next few months i expect...
  13. Nice one Andy, Congrats.

    Expecting second Child in July. At 43 why am I putting myself through it?
  14. Congrats to you to JFH, I was 45 when our youngest was born ( He is 16 now ) did tend to spoil him a bit more than his brother and sister :)

  15. Cheers Andy

    Another Girl by the way
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  16. Baby Hollie born this morning at 03:50, Mrs JFH :love8: doing well however did make a meal of it!!:lol:
  17. Congratulations JFH. :)
  18. Congrats JFH, sleepless nights ahead, a bit like watchkeeping so something else new :D

  19. Cheers, I ressemble that remark.

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