thinking of re-joining

Hi all

I left the Navy in 2012 after 7 years service done - i wanted to become a fire fighter - has not happened! Have had a reasonable jobs since the day i left working in a factory and as a lorry driver. I just miss the mob and the life - travel, friends etc.

I was a aircraft handler and was on my 3rd draft at RAF Cottesmore when the harrier was disbanded i decided to leave.

Im really thinking of re-joining as an aircraft handler, but have a few questions.

1. Can i rejoin or have the defence cuts effected this?

2. If i can re-join - how would the process go? i.e. Phase 1, 2 training etc

3. Will i start on starting pay again? or does previous service count for something

4. If there is a waiting list will my previous service be taken in to account.if i have to wait can i join as a reservist.

Im 28 now and really feel like i need to do this now before its too late as its all im thinking about at the moment. i really enjoyed my time the job and the people. i enjoy my current job but there seems allways something missing! Any advice from any careers officers would be great.

Thanks in advance


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Take a seat and Ninja Stoker will be with you shortly.

Well he will be online at some point again today I'm sure. He's the resident 'spurt on them there AFCO matters.


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In the meantime, feel free to utilise the search function to see if there are any answers already on here.


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As you've only been outside a couple of years, you would probably rejoin as a trained re-entrant. You may dip a pay increment or two to reflect the break in service & that will be advised in the Approval To Process (ATP) letter. Likewise, whatever contract you were on (AFPS 75?) You'll rejoin currently on the AFPS 05 contract - 18 years, usually minus the 7 already served.

You'll need to bring your discharge certificate & Certificate of Service to your AFCO when applying, together with a former pay statement ideally. You need to sign the consent forms so the AFCO can obtain your former service med docs - usually takes about 4 weeks, then another 4 to gain ATP.

If re-joining the same branch as a trained re-entrant, you'll be interviewed, medical examination, PJFT & renew SC. Once that's done & dusted, trained re-entrants usually get allocated a join date the first week of the following month. You join Raleigh (jacket, shirt & tie), get kitted out, RNST, RNFT, APWT, respirator checks, weekenders, then join a frontline squadron on the Monday - assuming no refresher training is required.

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