Thinking of re joining!!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by shakey100, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I left the mob this year as voluntary redundancy and im bored of being a civvie!!

    I would appreciate if anyone has any info on rejoining. Especially if there is a certain amount of time before i can rejoin or whether or not i have to pay back my pay out i received.


  2. I was in the AFCO last week and heard a lad who was made redundant being told that he could apply to re-join after 12 months, apparently the same happened mid 90's. I guess you would still need to be within the age bracket.
  3. Do you think so?
  4. Yes, hence the reason I said it. Where's the rolling eye smiley when you need it?
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    What branch were you Shakey?
  6. Down at the bottom of the page I think. Just seemed a redundant (ie patently obvious) statement really.
  7. On reflection it probably was, but what may seem obvious to some may not be to others.
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  8. Your'e obviously a greedy cnut who thought life woul be easy and fcuked off saying cheers easy, sadly mate you probably didn't get that much of a payout which has probably all gone now anyway. If you apply look long and hard at your decision to leave the service when lots of guys are waiting at the gates, don't give much of a chance of you being accepted, after all its about loyalty of which you displayed none
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  9. StanTM do not fence sit on this one speak your mind he needs to know his chance, having fcuked up once will they let him fcuk with them again? who knows?
  10. Sumo,
    As Jack everything is better in civvie street until you have to join the ratrace, take your chance take redundancy but don't expect preferential treatment should you decide to return. after all there are probably so many waiting to join given the current economic situation, loyalty is the prime factor so should you decide to fcuk off for a quick buck then realise its a mistake back of the que seems reasonable and the pusser gets a better quality of new entry. No sympathy really by the way my bins need emptying
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  11. Now let's have a look at this:

    Your'e (sic) obviously a greedy cnut (sic) who thought life woul (sic) be easy

    Based on? Foolish decision on his part maybe, but a lot of assumptions there.

    probably didn't get that much of a payout which has probably all gone now anyway

    Based on? Lots of 'probably's there.

    its about loyalty

    The biggest myth going. It's about earning a living.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2012
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  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    stan, you're an institutionalised auld ******.

    Give it a rest and lay off the booze!
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  13. What a fandan you come across as, who is to say it wasn't the good old RN that fucked the lad over? Some were wise enough to jump before they were pushed. You talk of loyalty, don't make me laugh we're all numbers end of story. So he wants to rejoin, big ******* deal he's after advice not preferential treatment.

    Oh and with your spelling pusser obviously isn't quite getting that better quality of recruit are they?
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  14. What??
    Why take redundancy then think fcuk me I made a mistake I want to come back - You an employer what would your response be 12 months later please come back we value your'e previous loylalty to the company and you don't give the redundancy money back.
    Wits, Guzzler please don't make the mistake of thinking Stan is permantly on the piss and use this as some kind of derogatory way of dissing my opinions. It may be funny and enable you to feel in some way superior, I at best respect your opinions and comments, but fcuked if you think your intellect or achievements in whatever avenue your post service career has taken you allows you to act or consider yourselves morally or intellectually superior. Wits you make me laugh Guzzler yer a cnut
  15. Say again.

    Edit. In fact don't. Trying to decipher your gibberish gives me a ******* headache.

    Just have a drink eh?


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  16. Everyone is a number mate but sometimes the way you are treated as that number makes a difference, in the pusser at least you are part of a team and I don't know what you do for a living but the civvie team I work for certainly does not have the work ethos and commeraderie the service gave me, attempt to rejoin certainly but don't expect preferential treatment. I really don't get this jumped before they were pushed, you a loser as wel??l passed over sad cnut, all your mates promoted above you all because they had a better attitude than you, hey shippers jump before they push you too
  17. Guzzler you really should start taking your medication, after all so much acid angst and bitterness is not good for you , do you know me, did I fcuk you for promotion??? is it you feel you were better than me and never got the recognition you deserved. Sad cnut _really you were not good enough trust me

  18. Sorry Stan I tried my hardest to read that drivel I really did, unfortunately I failed to decrypt the vast majority of it. Chink Chink.
  19. Sorry mate
    You're just rather stupid and maybe trying in some pathetic way to take the piss so please fcuk off to bed before your mother finds you are still awake and maybe late for school tomorrow
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  20. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Whilst stan might be institutionalised and enjoy a few tins, what's your story Popeye?

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