Thinking of joining WS branch

I had my RT and I was trying to join as a WF Officer, but my math was shocking, i could retake in 6 month as I'm doing A levels, but it was way to low, improving that much would be almost impossible ( thats what the PO said at the AFCO), so after a long hard think of maybe joining the pongos, i kept with the navy.

My query is if i join as a WS rating how fast can i travel up the ranks, also what can i specialise in, id prefer to do the more action-y kind of jobs, correct me if I'm wrong but as a WS you get to ride the ribs and bored the other ships ? or is that primarily RM.

Pre thanks for helping
Not only was your Maths shocking, your English wasn't much.

As to the rest, do some searching on this forum and then come back with specific questions that haven't been answered before....

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