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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by crazytree07, Sep 5, 2015.

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  1. A friend of mine has joined the RNR as rating while at uni and another is in the Army reserves as a pvt.
    I am thinking of joining the RNR however I have a few questions. Sorry for it being so long.

    The reason I want to join the RNR is because having visited some local army reserve centres I have not found a role I'd be interested in unlike the RNR. As I live near a band (no musical interest), logistics (driving round the infantry and supplies) and artillery (loading shells and sitting on a gun) and I cant do Infantry, nursing or be a mechanic.

    In the army reserve there are regular training weekends at least once a month (around 4 weekends) as well as the usual training nights over 8/10 weeks then a 15 day block. My friend undergoing RNR training has been in the RNR longer than 5 months and she hasn't even been on a weekend! and also tells me that training can take between 9-18 months (or 2 years if your unlucky) depending if you can get on your militarisation and navalisation courses around uni. My friend in the army he knew what weekends he could go on and when and rufely when he'd 'pass out'. My RNR friend says his courses are all listed on a sheet but have to be booked 6 weeks in advance; but has no idea if hell be ready for the course on 6 training nights and like everyone else just waits to be told you should start booking to go on X course now and hope it doesn't get cancelled nearer the time.

    1 - Is this normal for the RNR training? On-line it says 20 weeks then 2 week at Raleigh.

    For the army you pick your job then a local barracks who has sed job. And you can read all about your job on-line and at your unit. The RNR has info about the jobs on-line but from what I found is a little scarce compared to the other forces. And a little vague when talking about training even the sailor I spoke to when visiting the acfo had no idea about the RNR, he suggested I go on-line as he couldn't help and to visit the unit near by.

    2 - How do you pick a job in the RNR do you say I want to be X, do you become a sailor then choose out of what's available or is it chosen for you?

    I know most jobs in the RNR don't go to sea but are in a supporting role to the RN. This doesn't bother me as if I joined the army I'd be on land anyway.

    3a - However what roles go to sea the most? 3b - And what roles deploy the most on average?

    If I decided that after uni I really like the RNR and wanted to go full time,

    4 - Can you transfer RNR to RN as a rating even if you have to change jobs in the RN?

    5 - Would anyone recommend the RNR and why?

    6 - Can you get any Qualifications or skills out of the RNR? like I know you can get your driving licence in most jobs in the Army reserve.

    I have looked into the URNU and had a house mate last year who was in one, from what I heard it was mainly a drinking club with sailing and marching thrown in. So I have no interest there.

    Thanks for your help :) Lucy
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  3. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I was always told to say that if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all :)
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The best bet? Call 08456 07 55 55 to check eligibility and get yourself booked in to attend an initial maritime reserves presentation which is specifically designed to address all the questions frequently asked, and a few more besides.

    You can also call your local AFCO on the number at the AFCO link in the signature block below and ask to speak to a careers adviser rather than a temporary loan rating who may not necessarily be aware of the more detailed information regarding the RNR.

    1. Yes, but very often individuals have to adapt their training pipeline due to their own availability.

    2. From an AFCO perspective, you are generically processed for entry into the RNR as an Officer or Rating. Cyber Reserves, Doctors, Padres, Nurses & Divers may well undergo branch eligibility/suitability interviews by the relevant branch managers prior to undergoing selection via their AFCO. But, most people select their branch after joining.

    3. Again you local RNR unit should be able to advise at the IMRP, but the ratings logistic branch or Amphibious Warfare Officer seems to me to be the most readily able to take-up the opportunity to deploy afloat as the skillset is more readily transferable on a seagoing ship.

    4 & 5 Yes, but depending on your branch, time served, training completed, etc., you will need to undertake at least phase two rating training, depending on branch, if joining the regular service. Is the RNR worth joining? Depends why you are joining - if you want to go to sea, join the regular service from the outset.

    6. Transferable skills and qualifications are available depend on tasking. Gaining a driving licence in the RNR is unlikely as there are few day to day reserve posts that require the qualification - that said, there maybe opportunities if employed in a FTRS role that requires the ability to drive.
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  5. Logs branch require at least Cat B for entry to branch. However D1 (minibus) is a requirement for AB1 (or at least used to be..) so RNR will pay for this course.
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  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Happy to stand corrected on that one.

    Attendance at an IMRP will clarify the current opportunities to gain a driving licence via the RNR. If the RNR do currently pay for driving courses for all ABs, it would certainly be worth advertising the fact in their recruiting pages online & in their careers publications as the Army Reserves seem to be capitalising on this issue.
  7. Thank you for all your help guys.

    I'm going to go RNR as iv decided a full time navy career is for me after uni. Therefore any incite into the navy will be of help in the future. However I recognise that of this and various other threads that the RNR is not a good longer term option but at the moment it seems you can transfer to Army reserves. Not that I will be planning to do so as I want to go full time but its always a good backup plan to have just in case.

    Thank you for all your help guys

    My friend in the RNR also wants to go fulltime after uni too so one more question.

    How do I apply to join the full time navy and RNR at the same time? and what should my friend in the RNR do?
  8. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Where in the UK are you?

    If you're near, come chat.

    Tell Z the spider has caught a couple of flies.....lOL
  9. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Basic driving lessons can be paid for using SLC. Further training (D1 etc) cannot.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just had a look into this:

    SLC became available to Reservists 01/04/2014 and can be used toward private driving lessons once they complete phase one training. Individuals should be aware it is not a service requirement, so the service is not going to send individuals on a full driving course and pay a wage during initial training.

    On top of this, the SLC is £175 a year and the "average" driving lesson costs around £25-30+ per hour. DVSA state it takes the "average" driver about 45 hours before they reach a competent standard to pass the test. In other words it's still going to cost the individual best part of £800 ....compared to nothing if they join the Army Reserves(?)

    Hopefully this may well be reviewed, particularly if it remains an entry requirement for a particular branch.
  11. Perhaps I was not clear.

    To apply for entry to Logs one must hold a Cat B.
    Once in D1 is a requirement for advancement - therefore is in the training budget.
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  12. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ninje, I refer you to the DINs just released which offer £5000 Golden Hello to a baby RNR officer. A grand for just getting through 1A. Similar coming for ratings. I therefore invite you to ram your Army reserve driver training £800 in the nicest possible way. Lets stuff their mouths with Gold.

    'Action Twiglet, Action Twiglet. Role: Cynicism' :)

    I'll post the DIN numbers tomorrow, I'm naked in my scratcher atm. Hold that thought.
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  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As a matter of interest @crazytree07, can you provide an official link that verifies this statement?
  14. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    @Trainer - its a good move, but I think the AR has been doing the recruitment bonuses for some years now. The RNR is playing catch up - and not before time.

    I pity the YO class though with some getting paid vastly more than others for doing the same training!
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  16. PT,
    It's simple.
    Hands up those of you who qualified for the new bounty. Well done. Beers are on you.
    Those who didn't put your hand up, bad luck, never mind, mivinpg swiftly on.
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    New customers only!

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