Thinking of joining the RNR... some serious advice please!


Two problems:

I'm 35 (although I have 5 years regular service - albeit from the age of 16 to 21).

I was discharged shore for being an idiot (although that was really an age thing and the corner of my docs remained intact on exit).

Plus points: after going outside I went to uni and have been working in the City in IT ever since, amassing a bredth of experience in that particular industry, which I'm sure would be benefical to the RNR. In recent years I have been running departments of 40+ System Managers, DBA's and Application support staff across multiple platforms...

I'm sure I'll get shot down by a few for this post, simply because of the discharge shore thing; but I would seriously welcome the chance to join the RNR.

So - is it possible to join after being discharged shore? If yes, what is the maximum age these days - I've seen 34 and 40 stated/mentioned?

Not willing to disclose the details of the discharge shore to the whole of RR but would be happy to PM an AFCO rep. Is it possible to look up my service number and make a decision based on that or at least use that as a basis for further discussion?

Obvious option is to visit my local AFCO in person, but I'd rather not waste anyone's time, if it is simply not possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.


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Re: Thinking of joining the RNR... some serious advice pleas

Age-wise, no problem.

There's every chance an application could be considered under the rehabilitation of offenders act - providing the 'Discharge Shore' was not as a result of a positive compulsory drugs test (CDT).

If it was as a result of a positive CDT, then it's gross misconduct & irredeemable unfortunately.

Best of luck.


Re: Thinking of joining the RNR... some serious advice pleas

Thanks for responding.

No CDT failure.

Just had all my old DOCs out. Seen on other posts and boards that I need a S3300c form which should include the 'recommended for further Naval Service bit'? I don't have one, and don't remember being given one - is that possible? Can I try and obtain this if it does in fact exist?

I have a S459 which has the corner intact (something I remember the Wren Writer processing my discharge mentioning at Drake) and has my 'cause of discharge' listed simply as 'shore'. It also has every year's Character and Efficiency rating as 'VG SAT', including the year of my discharge.

I don't want to apply and waste mine and their time if it can be helped - is there no way of doing an upfront check?

Thanks again.


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Re: Thinking of joining the RNR... some serious advice pleas

There's no quick way of finding out unfortunately.

The only way to find out is by submitting an application - it could go either way - bearing in mind Discharge Shore means "sacked".
Yeah for ex-service you can be up to 45 years of age before joining. By the sounds of your life experience you would enjoy something in logistics due to the fact that you could apply your civillian skills well in that area
Apologies for dragging this post up from the dead...

I would say this guy's life experience would put him in the comms/IT world (would also say that his username would ping him as an ex-RO or CT) and not as a jack dusty! No idea what branch that would be these days however.

Anyhoo, know an old shipmate that tried to do this a few years ago and it was a no-go and not really even up for discussion; as one of the earlier posts says, discharge shore is a sacking afterall.

Shame really, I'm sure we all did some silly things when we were sprogs that were clearly down to age and/or immaturity but thems the rules.

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