thinking of joining the navy at 35???

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by whoknew, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Hi There,

    was just looking to see if anyone thought this would be a bad idea for my age? i have been told by certain people that it would be a bad idea. have there been anyone join up around the same age?? any info would be gratefully received .
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There are quite a few threads on age on joining, use the search function at the top, then come back with any questions
  3. cheers fella
  4. Lots of people join up close to the maximum age of 37. Current waiting times are generally in excess of 2 years. So get your skates on.
  5. There's a 36 year old joining up next week.
  6. nice one Pops:salut:
  7. You been lying about your age and going around the buoy (in your case it could be boy) again?
  8. Go for it we had a chap join in his mid 30’s, when I asked him why he gave a long list of shit jobs and being laid off, so thought the Mob a viable option, as a good stable job with career prospects
  9. thank you for the info, is that for all branches or just selected ones ??
  10. roger that scouse !! :thumbright:
  11. but i joined at 15, served 12, out at 27 lol pops
  12. When I was 35 I was looking forward to leaving the RN in five years with a pension:salut::smile:
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  13. In my honest opinion the most difficult thing you will have to come to terms with are the youngsters, at your age you are probably quite set in your ways, the younger members of your mess will have little if any experience of working life and often the service is their first real job. However on the positive side what you bring to the messdeck and your contempories is experience, wisdom and dare I say it maturity. Whenever I had older new joiners working for me I found that they often gave the young uns a reality check when they had been dripping about fcuk all, which Jack and Jenny are very good at.
    Crack on mate you will probably wonder why you waited so long I wish you every success in your endeavours.
  14. @ stan-the-man thank you very much for that , i live in fareham and all but 1 of my mates are matloets so the banter is always good :) the reason i have left it this long is because i thought joining a merchant company would give me better promotion etc but looks like i was wrong so hoping i haven't left it too late
  15. Just learn to be tolerant and remember how you behaved at their age, be prepared to be class leader and remember Raleigh is not the RN, it may prove difficult if you are in a long term relationship that is often a hurdle you partner has to be prepared to tackle.
  16. PM sent stan-the-man
  17. When I was 15 I was looking forwards to leaving the RN. Don't know about the five years or the pension bit.
  18. thank you for all your comments but unfortunately i will NOT be following this up as i didnt realise the tattoo policy !! never mind thank you again.
  19. :sleepy5: what is it then????? Dixie Dean had them all over, his body...cut across the dotted line round his neck.. Hinges on his arms...foxtrot Oscar on the edge of his saluting arm...Ta and foxtrot Oscar on the palm of each hand, for payment lol ..... The chase etc etc :smile:
  20. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    whoknew, perhaps you could let us know what the problem with the Tats is, its something that gets asked regularly on here by those wanting to join.

    Have you taken AFCO advice about your Tats?

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