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Thinking of joining,so here I am.

Hi there,

Just found the site and been reading a few posts and say 'hello'.

Im 24,nearly 25 and looking for a career and im thinking of joining the Royal Marines.I was in the TA Infantry for 3 years (Nothing compared to Regular service I know) so I have a taste of service life to a certain extent.Currently employed in the Security Industry and want 'a bit more' if you catch my drift.

So at the moment im training hard,reading up everything I can and going in to get my application form on Monday.

Wish me luck
Don't put down any TA service, you still have the same taste for discipline and drill, etc.

You have, of course, seen the light by coming across to the Senior Service.

Good Luck.


War Hero


Welcome to RR & good luck in achieving your goal.
Thanks for the replies guys.

Just a few questions...

Firstly I will be 25 years of age when I enter service (if all goes well-im certain I will).I was told by a recruiter at a careers fair last week that as an applicant at the higher end of the age limit that I shouldnt be worried about being older than the majority of the other recruits-of course this doesnt bother me in the slightest but has anybody on here got any experience of being in a similar situation?

Ive heard the 'cheeky warm up' pre to the 3 miler at the PRMC that they dont tell you about in the recruitment process-can anyone enlighten me of what this is?

Trooped_Again said:
The Cheeky Warm Up is a secret.....can you keep a secret?

Yes :thumright:

Whatever it is Im sure I will be fit enough for it regardless but as the Sea Scouts taught me 'Be Prepared' ^~

Me too.[/quote]

Good :thumright:

I have an idea what it might be though :lol: Im not expecting anybody to tell me what it is as its a test of character and fitness,Ive read that not many people actually fail PRMC but withdraw themselves when they see what its like-is that true or just the recruitment brochure not wanting to put people off?
HarryBosch said:

Cheers for the link-I will have a good read through that thread and im sure most of my answers are on there,im sure I will have a few myself over the coming months.

I will report my progress in this thread though.

Trooped_Again said:
Keep us updated.

Well I went down the AFCO today,had a chat with a recruiter down there and I came away with my application form and a DVD.Filled out the form as soon as I got home and just got back from the postbox :biggrin:

Had to find up all my old discharge papers for the 'previous service' section and all the dates etc.

Maybe I will get to keep my Army service number?
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