Thinking of joining as a ET ME (SM) or Surface


Lantern Swinger
Hello chaps.

Im thinking of applying to join as a ET ME, either surface or (SM), and wonder which you recommend?

Ive just come off a RNR deployment and one of the lads was a submariner having a bit of a jolly out of his branch. Talking to him he was a good switched on lad that I got on really well with him. I hadn't thought of Submariner before talking to him.

I had wanted to be a Marine Engineering Officer but i don't have the qualifications to join as one. I have an Ordinary BEng Degree and HND in Mechanical Engineering but not having much luck at getting a job civvie side at the minute.

What are the more experienced members thoughts on the subject?



Lantern Swinger

Which qualifications are you lacking?
Only having an Ordinary Degree not a Honours. I have been on the phone and this answer came right from the horses mouth of the Engineering Officer Recruiter at CNR. The RFA as a Engineering Cadet said no as I have a 3 not a 2 in standard grade maths. Guess they are not that short of People.

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