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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Oplr, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. I have applied for warfare spec and have been told there will be a 2 years waiting list however in 2 years theres no guarantee I'll be interested anymore- or even alive. Extreme but true, and by the time 2 years has passed I could be 1/4 the way through my service in another branch assuming it has under a year waiting list.

    I was looking at applying for submarines to do sonars and was wondering if before I am set in this path is there anyway to sample life on a sub? I have done my fair research but I don't get bothered in confined spaces etc however I can't really tell that until I go into an actual submarine and go underwater to experience it. Do they show you what its like before you are set in that branch?

    Also any other info is welcome by all means!
  2. No you don't get a visit to an operational boat, you can visit HMS Alliance, Onyx and Ocelot although they are conventional submarines. You won't, however, go to sea on them.
  3. Wrecker also forgot they do not really represent a modern boat, they are old smelly and cramped where a modern boat is newer not so smelly and not cramped, so unfortunately there is no option as to try before you buy.
  4. Depends on your perspective Sumo, an SSN ia far more cramped than, say, a T23 or Bomber. If you've never been down a boat it could be a bit of a culture shock for a civvy used to a bedroom to himself that would have 15 blokes in it on a boat.
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    Dolphin 38 you Nucci Nancy!
  6. Alright fair enough does anyone have any experience on subs that they can offer? It doesn't put me off sharing rooms or not trying them out etc. I am looking at applying for sonars
  7. And that would be a small bedroom, with a kit locker about 2 foot cube, if you’re lucky
  8. Dolphin 50 you submersible rating!
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    My reply being Dolphin 65
  10. Dolphin 46
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    Dolphin 75...
  12. Dolphin 48..
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    Advice from rummers Dolphin 51
  14. In that case, Dolphin 60!
  15. You lot are ******* weird.
  16. But in a nice way :geek:
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    Most branches waiting times are about the same, don't like it join the ARMY! :pottytrain1:
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    Thank you :duckie:
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  19. Ok Fella
    Submarines whether Bombers or Fleet boats are a bit different from each other never mind the surface flotilla (polite there). The job is certainly different and I am definitely not an authority on sonar, although as a bomber rating myself, if you want an interesting career based around sonar then a SSN career is what you want to look at, my opinion only
    and quite happy for SSM's to disagree with me.
  20. Sorry maybe a stupid question but what's SSM and SSN standing for?

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