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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Earl, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    As the thread title suggests, I'm interested in joining the RNR. Just got a few questions, and would be greatful for any answers.

    I am confident that I can pass the timed run as I am fit. However I am a bit overweight (6 foot, 12.5 stone). Is this likely to hold me back? Should I get rid of the excess before applying?

    I live in Liverpool, so my local training centre is HMS Eaglet. I've noticed that they run recruitment evenings (next one on December 13th). Is attending one of these my first step, or should I fill in the application form on the RN website first?

    Anything else I should know?

    Any answers would be great.
  2. Earl

    Welcome to RR. Don't think the weight is an issue, I am 6ft and a bit lighter than you. I only think they start to worry at that height if you go over 13stone 6 as that is the recommended upper limit for our height, but it does depend on your build bearing in mind muscle weighs more than fat.

    Also you will have to be security cleared and that can take a while so if they think you should lose a bit you will have plenty of time to do that. My clearance (i was born in Ireland) took about 3 months from first turning up, even though I was a SC'd civil serpent at the time.

    Good luck
  3. Thanks alot for the reply, sounds positive on the weight front then.
  4. No probs mate, I have had a lot of good advice on here, quite a friendly bunch.

  5. Go to Eaglet on the 13th. I wouldn't rely on the RN website, you might still be waiting for a reply this time next year. Chances are they will tell you to to to Eaglet anyway.
    As for weight/height, they will assess your Body Mass Index, but it sounds lie you are well within limits.
  6. Earl

    To speed things up best go into the the Armed Forces Recruiting office in Liverpool - the address is on the RN website - and get the paperwork going if you are interested. It can be a bit of long process so bear with it.

    I was well overweight when I started - less than 6' and 14.5 stone!!! I had to get down to 13 before they classed me as medically fit. But I did it and at the thick end of my 30s!! you sound like you are well inside anyhow.

    EAGLET are a good bunch. Good luck!
  7. i would find Eaglets phone number from the book and make yourself known to them. they like to get an idea of numbers turning up on the night. then, -welcome to best bunch of mates you wil :wink: find.
  8. Fullasternboth, Navylark and Fleetchief - thanks for the replies.

    Looks like I'll be best going to the local AFCO (I'm trying to get to grips with all the acronyms :lol: ) and then phoning Eaglet about the 13th then?

    Can't wait to get started now!

    One more question that's just come to me:

    I'm currently studying for a degree. I understand that in the TA you cannot be deployed if you are a student - is this the same in the RNR once I've completed my training?

    Not that I'm against being deployed, but the next 3 years are certainly less than ideal for it!
  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    You can't/won't be deployed until you reach Trained Strength; you first of all need to complete New Entry and then, depending on whether you're a rating or in the wardroom, you'll need to undertake about 18 months - 2 years of specialist training getting all the necessary "ticks in boxes" to achieve TS. In all honesty you're likely to have completed your studies by then.

  10. Earl,

    Have PM'd you.
  11. Is it actually possible to get to grips with all of the acronyms!? Was on an acquaint visit to HMS Collingwood in February and we had some 'lectures' (presentations would probably be a better description) on RN warfare. We were then told that everything in the Navy has a three letter acronym - even if the three letters are bugger all to do with the actual word(s)! It was doubtless a slight exaggeration, but we certainly left with letters coming out of our ear-holes!

    If you're a student have you considered an URNU (not that all unis have them)? Or are you looking at long term RNR? Either way, good luck.
  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The RN is certainly awash with TLAs, Three Letter Abbreviations, and ETLAs or Extended TLAs, i.e. more than 3!

    I personally doubt whether it's possible to get a grip on all these mnenomics, abbreviations and acronyms - I think there's a secret department somewhere within the MoD's Ivory Towers who monitor people's understanding of the current abbreviation hell - when it appears that a critical mass of the fleet are beginning to understand what 90% of the directives sent out mean, then they institute a sudden over-night change of meaning of all acronyms...



    and so ad nauseum :)

    (ABC = All Been Changed, ABCBA = ABC Back Again)

    Also, I quite like the fact that acronym itself can be an acronym for: "A Completely Random Order Not Yielding Meaning"
  13. Thanks for the info, thought that would be the case. Just had the nightmare vision of being shipped out to the Middle East on the week of my finals!

    Thank you, I've replied.

    I've heard of the URNU, don't think I'm eligible though. I know there's one in Liverpool, but I presume it's just for the University of Liverpool? (I'm at Liverpool John Moores).

    Cheers :)

    Sounds heavy with all the acronyms :lol: I've already got them coming out of my ears with being an economics student!

    Off to the gym now, and it's salad for tea. I'll be ship-shape in no time (hopefully with a smaller stern :lol: )
  14. Thanks for the info :)

    I'm not sure it's what I want to do yet, but if I did decide to apply to be an officer in the RN after I've finished my degree would having been in the URNU stand me in better sted to be selected than the RNR?
  15. Entirely depends what you're after. And, in any case, I think he's missed the boat (as it were) for this year's URNU entry.

    Having said that, I joined the RNR as a student & 2/3 of my intake were students so maybe not a bad thing. Don't think it makes too mcuh difference whether you're URNU or RNR first before getting an RNR commission, but a mental count suggests I can only think of 2 officers at my unit who are ex-URNU; all the others came straight into the RNR.

    The official line on the weight thing - 6' & 12.5st is not overweight (BMI 23.7)

  16. It has always been this way for people joining the RNR from the URNU. You don't have to be on the trained strength to apply for AIB from the RNR lower deck either - just have to show potential, be educationally qualified & (most importantly) want to do it, which not everyone does.

    It is my belief that the RNR experience is as good as the URNU for those who intend to join the RN & the experiences of my New Entry classmates (many of whom are now RN officers) bear that out.

  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Birmingham URNU is located at Forward, however they attend the unit on a different evening to the RNR so contact between URNU and RNR is minimal. In fact my main experience of URNU is fielding all the drops from class instructors aboutt he state of classrooms following their use by the URNU!

    I'm the former! I joined the RNR while at Uni (many moons ago, before URNUs existed in their current form); the New Entry training in the RNR will give you a broad exposure to the naval environment and also serve the advantage of taking you out of a wholly student populated social circle. One of my reasons for joining was to break out of the student dominated world that was Brum Uni and see some "real people" for a change.

    Either way, URNU or RNR you'll certainly gain experience that you wouldn't otherwise get at university. Just be careful to manage your time wisely and keep up with your studies.
  18. Thanks to everyone for the advice in this thread - it's been very useful.

    I think I'll go down the RNR route - I'm more drawn to this after more research (in part as well because I'd prefer to be out of the all-student environment).

    Thanks for clarifying the weight issue APN.
  19. Hi, I applied for RNR and found the best way to get the ball rolling was to go through the presentation evening's at Eaglet, they will answer most of your questions/concerns and give you a feel of what to expect, once you have joined.
    As for the weight, you have no problems at all, I am 6ft 1" and weigh in at 15 stone- lol, but I do play alot of sport.

    Good luck, keep us up to date.

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