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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Lethal47, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. I think its time to protest against the scrapping of Ark Royal and the harriers. If I can drum up some support I'm thinking about a protest in mid December.
  2. Im sure that will work
  3. Ermm L47, exactly what form is this protest going to take?
  4. Why wouldnt it? If we have enough people it will.

    I know many Ark Royal Members who feel betrayed. Just a few months ao David Cameron delivered his "inspiring" and "Influencial speech" saying hell do all he can to protect the navy blah blah blah.

    If it doesnt stop the cut at least it will show she wont go quietly
  5. Well my idea is we go to parliament and do the protest there. if we go ahead with it ill contact the times and ask for the chiefs details so they will join me. I will contact ark royals ex-CO and tell him to tell all of Ark Royals crew about it, from what i hear they feel angry about it so im sure theyll come along
  6. I would love to come along. But I am duty that day
  7. I don't see this happening somehow, nice sentiment I'm sure.

    Just out of interest, what's your connection to the Ark (not the wooden one or the Raiders of)
  8. What is the legal situation in QR's regarding serving members protesting outside parliament?
  9. This has got to be a wind-up surely, and must be covered by "engaging in overtly political activities"

    The chances of any CO (or ex-CO) tipping off their ship's company to get involved are minimal, and probably career ending for anyone that gets sucked into it.

    I call waaaaaa.
  10. I'll meet you there at 1500 by the fountain. I'll be wearing a grey coat and carrying a camera and using colourful language. The secret meeting code will be p1ss bag. Once we have R.V, we can conduct a drive by shouting.

    Hush hush, see you then.
  11. Hmmmm ok you might be right about ark but on fb there are many people who would go. i reckon if at least 200 went then surely well get media coverage.
  12. When you say fb, do you mean FaceBook?
  13. Quite aside from the selfishness of inconveniencing those hindered from going about their daily dozen the results of previous 'Protest Marches' indicate that you would be better off wasting your spare time watching daytime TV in solitude. :roll:
  14. I say again, what's your connection to the Ark.
  15. Had seen it on the tele. Warship. Looked cool.
  16. Appologies.
  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Too busy gaming I suspect. Or living life on Fecesbook.

    Lethal47, when the military march on Parliament, they are supposed to take tanks and be led by a general wearing dark glasses. Having a plan is essential. Until then, the Armed Forces execute the legal will of the Government of the day. There's the trouble with Call of Duty, Silent Hunter and suchlike, they don't explain that aspect of Service life. Still, if you can muster >2 000 000 civvies and ex factor you may make an impression, not that the Stop the War march(es) pre TELIC made any difference.

    Lethal47, Ark Royal has a Ship's Company, not 'members'. The only member around here is you. Now fcuk off.

    Gash Barge at the rush.
  18. Erm, I think it's called Treason ??? - Maybe the mess deck barristers will be able to advise you ?

  19. Did'nt some Pongo bloke go on a march against the Afghan war, think he was AWOL (or had refused to go) at the time, not sure what came of him?
  20. I thought Warship featured 'Lusty' not the Ark ?

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