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Jesse, i have no fucking idea what you are on about, but i knew a charming girl whose surname was Pope.

She was extremely adept at playing the rusty trombone. I'm clutching my tinkle just thinking about her.
:director:Oh dear I'll have to explain. Before Dom Mintoff we were in and out of Malta like fiddlers elbows. Back then Malta was a very extreem Catholic Island, with clocks set at different times to confuse the devil and folk listing to port so the devil could not ride on their shoulder to mention just two superstitions.:angel7: Now Jolly Jack tar latched onto this and created a mythical character from the nearby Isle of Gozo "The Pope of Gozo" Whom Jack called on in times of stress as in "Fuck the Pope of Gozo.":1:Here endith the first lesson.I'm starting to feel my age8)
[h=5]Since the Argentinians refuse to call the Falkland Islands by their correct name in order to raise tensions, I reckon the British should refer to the new leader of the Catholic church as Pope Belgrano.[/h]
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